Chinese Android phone takes copying Apple to another level


Designed by who in where? Photo: Android Authority
Designed by who in where? Photo: Android Authority

Forget Comcast, ZTE takes the cake with the most blatant Apple-ripoff-of-the-month award. The Chinese company’s latest handset, the Blade S6, is clearly… inspired by the iPhone.

While it doesn’t have the identical chamfered edges of Samsung’s upcoming phone, it does copy the most iconic part of every Apple product.

If you look at the back of the plastic shell, you’ll see “Designed by ZTE in California.”

Apple, of course, puts “Designed by Apple in California” on all of its products. It even ran a whole ad campaign around the ethos.

While ZTE has tried to make a phone like the iPhone, “the actual build quality and feel in the hand is a completely different story,” notes Android Authority in its review. “The entire body of the Blade S6 is made of plastic, and while plastic doesn’t necessarily have to feel cheap, as we’ve seen from the slew of premium quality mid-range smartphones released recently, unfortunately in this case, it does.”