‘Leaked’ Samsung Galaxy S6 looks just like the iPhone 6



Samsung is expected to unveil its new flagship Galaxy S6 smartphone at Mobile World Congress next month, but some leaked images from the XDA developer forums might have just spoiled their big reveal.

The set of images of an alleged Samsung prototype show is a big departure from the other Galaxy devices with rounded edges that make it look more like the iPhone 6. The bottom of the leaked Galaxy S6 looks almost identical to the iPhone 6 bottom.

Here’s the bottom of the iPhone 6 for comparison:

iPhone 6 Photo: Jim Merithew/Cult of Mac
iPhone 6 Photo: Jim Merithew/Cult of Mac
Photo: Jim Merithew/Cult of Mac

In defense of Samsung’s design team, I’m sure they would like us to point out that they’re totally different. You see, they innovated a second a speaker row and added four more holes than the six on the iPhone 6. The antenna joints were also moved to the middle, and the ambient mic sensor is thrown in between the speaker and mini-USB because it’d look uglier more Samsung-y than the iPhone.

The front and back of the phone look more like the traditional Galaxy. The XDA forum member who posted the pictures says it came from AT&T, but it could just be a prototype model, with the final version sporting a more refined look.

“Can’t say where it’s from but it’s from AT&T directly. Obviously a prototype or test model and it says not for sale on the package. Obviously a Samsung phone, I was scared to play with it much but seems a glass back and front with metal on the sides.”


  • kevinkee


  • George T.

    LOL. what an innovation!

  • TS

    Do they have no shame? It’s lazy and tacky to take someone else’s work and claim is as your own. Innovation only comes out of competition, not copying.

    • apluralist

      The front and back look like their design, look how much the ports look like the iphone? Really? desperatley stupid…

    • Paul

      Theres clowns then there are real clowns, the phone looks like a samsung front and back the reviewer said, but the little bottom bit looks like an iphone 6 bottom bit. Pathetic. Iwatch copy vr headset copy large screens copy nfc copy now thats lazy and tacky, especially the vr headset apple has in the pipeline. Oh thats right when it gets on the iphone its called an innovation not copying! Clowns

  • Lucho

    To say that it looks just like the iPhone is an insult. It looks awful, cheap, and uninspired, just like every other samsung galaxy s.

  • Fer

    Typical Samsung, can’t go a single day without stealing other’s ideas

  • Giigpo

    The asymmetrical and uncentered positioning of the mic/speaker holes and headphone jack/usb port evidences that design is an afterthought for this company. Engineering just placed those things like that, and nobody cared.

  • iRikal

    I suppose Same-Song has not figured out that copying will only make people want the real thing instead…. Same-Song bores me…

  • ChrisC

    Seriously, if you’re going to design a phone, surely the charging port could be centred. This is lame!

    • Hernan

      S5 isn’t centred either

  • HoldenMonaro

    I’m sure many of you will be offended enough to hurl insults at me, please feel free.
    What on earth are you guys looking at? I’m not a samsung loyalist nor do I blindly follow any one brand, I feel that would foolishly limit my options and experiences, but why is it I can immediately see the difference but to apple enthusiasts it looks like a copy of an iphone? Would be a bit like a mercedes fan accusing ford of copying the sls because f150 has a steering wheel.

    • Spod

      No insults to you because they are valid observations as far as you are concerned but as soon as I looked at the picture all I saw was iPhone 6. First impressions count and that was my first impression. To me it’s a typical Samsung “get it as close as we can to trick the uninitiated” ploy.

      • HoldenMonaro

        I assume you are an apple enthusiast, please correct me if I’m wrong, and I would expect someone preoccupied with a particular brand to see familiar design cues in many things, I notice similarities to my new buick in other lambdas.
        Also, sorry but I don’t buy the “looks similar to trick the uninitiated ” argument. Branding is on the phone and all over the box. To me I would be upset if all I had to choose from was iphones and copies of iphones.

      • Kr00

        I assume you are an Apple hater, please correct me if I’m wrong, and I would expect someone preoccupied with dislike of a particular brand to not see similarities from a clear copy like this.

        Also, I don’t buy the “this doesn’t look similar at all” argument. Just like the Toyota Lexcen looked nothing like a VP Commodore. The branding was completely different on both cars. To me, I would be upset if all I had to choose from were iPhones or copies of iPhones. Yes. Please tell samescum that.

      • Not Debating – Informing

        You wrote: “I assume you are an Apple hater, please correct me if I’m wrong,”

        A quick look at his commenting history shows your assumption to be correct.

        Ironically, I found this comment from him about the iPhone 6: “Looks. Like a samsung phone, whoops.”

      • Kr00


      • HoldenMonaro

        Wow aren’t you clever, copying sentence structure to turn an argument against the original post. Can you come up with anything original or do you just copy everything like apple always has? And of course I’m an apple hater, you guys dont have to go creeping around to find that out. Happy to tell you that. Anyway, I’ve ruffled your feathers enough and grow tired of childish name changing. The original person that replied to me seemed a lot more intelligent and could have been a good argument. But kiddie kroo had to but in and start talking like a 12 year old.

      • intosh

        As soon as I looked at a iPhone 6, all I saw was an Android phone.

    • xared

      Its the observation that Samsung seems to have started with the iPhone 6 design on the slate, moved a couple of things here and there to destroy the symmetry, and voila, made another Galaxy phone.

  • Whocares

    When I look at it, I just laugh. I don’t have any word to describe it.

    • HoldenMonaro

      Thats ok, the majority of the world’s population feels the same as you. I guess its just the effect iphone has on people.

  • Tyler Allen

    At the end of the day, it’s about the SYSTEM! True, Linux (android) isn’t garbage like Dos (windows), but it doesn’t compare to BSD!

  • HowmaNoid

    I’ll never buy a Samscum product just out of principle. Why reward blatant theft?

  • jt

    I smell a lawsuit

  • Jesus Manuel Sandoval-Serrano

    I call Bull.
    That charger port is a MicroUSB. Samsung has switched to USB3 for all its new phones, including S5 and Note3.

    • Brad Harrison

      Very good point! I think you are right.

      • Jesus Manuel Sandoval-Serrano

        Yeah, I’m kind of surprised no one here has picked up on that. Everyone else is so caught up in hating Samsung.
        My guess is that this is some knock-off made to look like a Samsung/iPhone hybrid. Chinese companies are great at making no brand knock off phones.

      • skittle

        See my comments above.

      • skittle

        The Note 4 has USB 2 not USB 3 as the Note 3 did. Go look it up. Samsung stepped back from using it. I am not saying it’s not a game set of pictures but Samsung did use the older tech on its newest Note.

    • skittle

      The Note 4 has USB 2 not USB 3 as the Note 3 did. Go look it up. Samsung stepped back from using it.

  • Bruno Azevedo

    Samsung shit! A machine of copies

  • William Donelson

    Great hardware, too bad about the CRAP Android in it.

  • Sebastian Bartlett

    This is a leak and rumour not fact but if it is that then bye bye Samsung

    • It just released. This is the real thing.

  • disqus_mFsXAzRkC1

    Muahahaha! A little competition to Xiaomi. Why would someone buy a Samsung, that looks like an iPhone ( for a similar price ) is beyond me. People used to buy Samsungs because they were different, had a memory expansiona and could carry a replacement battery… They couldn’t stop bragging about it. Now it’s all gone. The worst move ever, provided that it is true. And a bit sorry too because I think it is good to have a competition ( this is not the case, because it is a ripoff )

  • Kr00

    Seems like the only time samescum wake up their design team is when Apple present a keynote address.

  • xared

    Looks like shit. Samsung is ok.

  • JMT

    basically, it’s a copy of HTC One, just like the iPhone 6. And i’ve been using iPhones since 2008.

    • Alex

      The HTC One was a copy of the original aluminium iPhone and iPhone 5′ chamfered edges.

  • Mika

    Honestly, I’m not a Mac fanatic like most people here. I do admit I do like Apple. But I have a Samsung ultra book and a Samsung phone.
    Having said that. The above pics look like the iPhone 6 no question. Sure some different holes here and there. And the button is different. But absolutely no one can look at that and not see that it’s a copy of the iPhone

  • Brad Harrison

    Who cares what it looks like? If that’s the only reason to hate Samsung, you were already there before the pics came out. I’ve had both and I’ll never go back to iPhone shite. I love the freedom of Samsung to add memory and sharing info outside of iTunes and I never have to worry about an update slowing down my phone to the point where I have to buy another. For an OS, Android is superior. It just is. D

  • gareth edwards

    Samsung. Taking the piss one phone at a time.

  • bIg hIlL

    I just dropped a log in the bathroom that is an exact duplicate of one dropped by Steve Jobs in his final days (probably). Any offers?

    • Brad Harrison

      Hahahaha! That’s awesome!

  • josephz2va

    They have more photos available including the unboxing.



  • Maneewan

    Didn’t Samsung show a commercial making fun of Apple for putting the earphone’s jack on the bottom?

  • cypressmaker10

    If only you Humans knew how closely these two companies actually work together…

  • Tinker Bell

    It won’t matter. Only the iPhone will make you feel like a million dollar bucks. Android means masses.

  • not a weirdo?

    Didn’t the iPhone 6 just rip off the size of the Samsung? Was that a “‘get it as close as we can to trick the uninitiated’ ploy,” re a previous commenter? You all sound like morons.

  • darius rafaello

    apple gonna build the car, lol do they have patent for the wheels -etc

    • They look like spinning beach balls

  • Pleb

    Wow! Even the screen is in the same place. How unoriginal.

  • iSavvy

    I guess they dug and updated their 132-page document on how to copy Apple. Its probably 264-pages thick now.

  • Paul

    The front and back look like a samsung but Oh that copied the bottom bit! GET A LIFE PEOPLE! Now this device is out in the open and released and it makes the iphone look like a childs toy. That quad screen is beautiful, iphone has a 720p screen, whats that 2011 you want it back. The iphone has 1gb ram Samsung has 3gb. Talk about copying the iphone now wants to get into vr headsets, someone better tell them to bump up the screen specs above 720p or it will be one lousy experience! A lot of the androids are into this mainly because samsung set the trend! Apple dosent want to be left out so it copies the trend, just like there johhny come lately child like watch. Samsung is the only tech company really trying to innovate nowdays! And it does this without locking everyone into some stupid propertiary software and hardware.

  • josh

    Please stop saying “big reveal”. Its about as stupid as saying “reach out” instead of “contact me”, “Wait, what?” is another stupid phrase…. OH and using “So” at the beginining of your answer to any question……