New app promises to give your iPhone a 32MP camera


Photo: Apple
8 megapixels not enough for you? Try 32. Photo: Apple

How would you like an app that transforms your regular 8-megapixel iPhone 6 camera into a 32-megapixel one?

Okay, so it’s not exactly as miraculous as it sounds, but photography app Hydra is a worthy tool to add to your virtual camera bag. It works by taking a series of up to 60 small images and then stitching them together to form one super high-resolution picture.

While it isn’t true 32-megapixel photography, it’s still an altogether impressive app that only serves to underline just why the iPhone camera has been so embraced by users.

Photo: Hydra

High resolution images aren’t all Hydra does, either. It can also improve low-light photography, which is an area the iPhone has traditionally struggled with. The dedicated Lo-Light mode removes sensor noise for cleaner looking images by merging multiple pictures and amplifying light by a factor of 10.

There’s additionally a zoom mode, using a technique which recreates missing pixels from hand motion, producing 2x and 4x scale factors with more details than the standard digital zooming technique.

Hydra is currently available for $4.99, which includes an introductory 40% off its normal price. We’re seeing more and more uses for iPhone cameras in the real world (one of the biggest hits of the Sundance Film Festival was even shot with one), and this is a great reminder of just why they’re so versatile.