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Sexy Apps Pulled from iTunes Store?


Epic boobs app: family friendly content, for now.

Apple’s policy on what constitutes content too risqué for the iTunes store vacillates more than one of those iBoob apps.

Case in point:  developer Jon Atherton says he received a letter that Apple pulled his wildly popular Wobble iBoobs app because Apple “decided to remove any overtly sexual content from the App Store” following customer complaints.

Now we’re really confused. Many of the apps that wiggled, jiggled or writhed past Apple censors in our last iSmut app story have been pulled (Bikini Ispector, Peek-a-Babe, Crazy Eights with Hooters Girls). But if they’ve put a firm hand on iJiggles, there’s plenty of exposed flesh still available on iTunes.

A quick check reveals plenty of +17 apps with sexy content: Adult Tennis Boobs, Epic Boobs, Awesome Boobs, Sexy Cleavage are all still available, to name a few.

And, it’s not just a mammary thing, also on offer are Brazilian Butts, Sexy Buns and Tight Body, Perky Boobs (for a change of pace.)

A lot of the above mentioned available apps seem to have launched in 2010, it may be a question of iTunes approval process getting up to date with its censorship policies.

We’ve put a line out to Apple and will let you know if we hear anything back.

Via MacRumors