San Francisco Apple Store gets unintended water feature

San Francisco Apple Store gets unintended water feature


Photo: Amanda Hoac
An impressive fountain, if not an entirely planned one. Photo: Amanda Hoac

The Apple Store in downtown San Francisco got its own water fountain yesterday… sort of.

In the afternoon, a construction worker carrying out work on the the corner of Stockton and Ellis Streets, near to the Union Square brick-and-mortar store, accidentally burst a fire hydrant — resulting in a spectacular geyser of water erupting outside the Apple Store.

Although it didn’t last for long, the spectacle certainly made an impression on onlookers: one of whom filmed it using the slo-mo function on their iPhone.

You can check out the video here.

This isn’t the first time Apple’s San Francisco division has been menaced by a jet of water. Back in 2013, plans for a new Apple Store in the city were called into question when it was discovered that Apple’s designs included tearing up a beloved water fountain. Fortunately, Apple walked away from both water-based disasters relatively unscathed.

Apple will, incidentally, give you an Apple Store gift card if you trade in a water-damaged device. That’s certainly useful in situations like this one!