How to make the perfect Bendgate Halloween costume


The next bendgate may be on purpose.
DYI: Bendgate costume. Photo: Halloween Costumes
Photo: Halloween Costumes

Bendgate was the Internet’s Meme of the Week at the beginning of October, so if you’re still banging your head to come up with a funny Halloween costume idea, why not  poke fun at your own love for Apple and rollout in this DYI Bendgate costume?

The folks at Halloween Costume created this simple iPhone 6 costume you can make at home with just foam or cardboard paper. The display is slightly more forgiving in bend tests, but that might because they forgot to update their iPhone 6 to iOS 8.

If you’d rather go geeky than ghoulish this Halloween, here’s how to make your own Bendgate costume:


What you’ll need: black full body suit, foam board, black-out vinyl, packing tape, spray glue, a printer, black paper, white cartoon gloves, Steve Jobs glasses (optional)

The entire costume should cost around $80 to build, not including printer ink. For full details on how to assemble, head over to HalloweenCostumes. And if you want to go all out, superglue a whig to the side in a nod to Hairgate.

Source: Halloween Costumes