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Alleged iPhone 6 prototype selling for $56k on eBay


Photo: kimberlyk1018
Photo: kimberlyk1018

Want to own a super-rare prototype iPhone 6, as accidentally sent out to a Verizon customer? You’d better have six-figures to spare.

The alleged prototype in question has appeared on eBay, running the internal Apple applications the company uses to test new devices as opposed to the consumer version of iOS.

There are no FCC markings or any other text on the handset’s body, other than the word “iPhone.” There is also a red lightning port, which seller kimberlyk1018 claims “is a sure sign of a prototype.”

The full listing reads:

“For sale is a brand new never used Apple iPhone 6 Prototype. Apple does NOT let these phones out of their possession yet I was accidentally sent one upon renewing my contract. As you can see from the photos, iOS8 has not been placed on this device, rather it is in the true developer mode. There are no FCC markings on the rear of the device or a model number. This is the real deal!!!

The lightening [sic] port is red which is a sure sign of a prototype. This device is being sold as is. I cannot guarantee that it will make calls or that the camera will work. However I can guarantee you that the device is a 64gb iPhone 6 which was sent to me from Verizon. The device comes with the box, charger, headphones and wall charger as well as all the paperwork. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

This is a once in a life time opportunity for you to take a part of. ***Free Shipping is only included if price exceeds $4,000.*** Buyer must have a PayPal verified address and be seller protection eligible. If you would would like any additional photos please let me know.

I am also giving a 110% guarantee on this being an authentic Apple prototype device.”

Provided that this is a legit leak, it’s more than likely that Apple will order eBay to shut down the auction ahead of its October 9 end date, while there will surely be an internal investigation into how this happened in the first place.

In the meantime bids are skyrocketing, however — hitting $56,100.00 at time of writing.

A few more pics can be seen below.

Note the lack of
Note the lack of FCC markings or serial number.
A red lightning
A red lightning port is a “sure sign of a prototype” according to the seller.
The prototype runs Apple's internal testing apps rather than iOS 8.
The prototype runs Apple’s internal testing apps rather than iOS 8.

Source: TNW

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