Jony Ive gushes over the 'millions' of Apple Watch combinations

Jony Ive gushes over the ‘millions’ of Apple Watch combinations


Picture: ABC News
Picture: ABC News

Jony Ive shared a bit of insight into the design process behind the Apple Watch during his interview with ABC News, following Tuesday’s keynote.

With Tim Cook looking on, Ive described how his team “worked extremely hard to make an object that, one, would be extremely desirable, but would also be personal because we don’t all want to wear the same watch.”

When asked how many Apple Watch variations will be available, Ive claimed that there are “millions and millions” of different configurations available, taking into account the different combinations that are possible.

“There are different materials for the actual case, there’s two different sizes, you can choose one of six different straps or bands,” he says, in addition to noting the different watch faces that can be chosen within the UI.

Ive also talked briefly about his design ethos at Apple, saying that: “I’ve been lucky enough to be part of the design team for a long time now, and we’ve always tried to make products that people don’t begrudgingly use, but that they want to use. I think that the bar for that is very high with something that you wear … all day and every day.”

He does, however, acknowledge the challenge of Apple’s next big device — not least because, as he points out, “A lot of people don’t wear a watch at the moment.”

The Apple Watch is set to ship in early 2015, with a starting price of $349.