Tim Cook accidentally name drops ‘iWatch’ in ABC interview


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Now we know that even Apple called its wearable “iWatch” internally, thanks to an incredibly rare slip-up by CEO Tim Cook.

In an interview with ABC News after Tuesday’s keynote, Cook casually called Apple’s new wearable iWatch instead of Apple Watch.

While talking about how many of the components in Apple’s new iPhones and watches are made in America, Cook accidentally let “iWatch” come out of his mouth. It happens at the very end of this one-minute clip:

The Swatch Group wasn’t happy when rumors started circulating about Apple calling its wearable the iWatch, as the Swiss company holds a similarly-named “iSwatch” trademark. Apple filed iWatch trademarks in a number of countries earlier this summer, but has not done so in the United States.

  • Darth Geekonius

    That’s what I’m going to call it no matter what! LOL

  • Brandon Franklin

    Don’t let swatch see it

  • twitboydk

    hahaha its called apple watch…he tricked you all hahah

  • Kr00

    I get a feeling that Apple could be quieting moving away from the “i” generation with Applepay and Applewatch. Just a hunch.

    • San Diego Dave

      They did already have Apple TV instead of iTV, but yeah I think you’re probably right. Although I think it will be much harder to move away from iPhone and iPad because both names are so iconic now. No one will ever call it an Apple Phone, haha.

      • Kr00

        They couldn’t use iTV as its a well established television company in the UK.

    • Zach Lach

      I’m thinking a major reason they didn’t name tier payment system iPay is because ADP already uses it

  • Alex Blaha

    Anybody else notice during the keynote he accidentally said “the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6” instead of saying the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. xD