Apple to launch 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch iPhone 6 on Sept 19th

Apple expected to launch both iPhone 6 sizes on Sept 19th


Photo: Rozetked
Photo: Rozetked

Although it has been widely reported that the 5.5-inch iPhone won’t come out until months after the 4.7-inch model, both sizes are now expected to ship on the same day later this month.

Production complications have allegedly kept the launch time of the 5.5-inch iPhone 6 ‘Plus’ in limbo, but Apple is apparently now ready to pull the trigger on both models at once.

French site has correctly predicted multiple Apple product launches in the past, and now it’s reporting that September 19th will be new iPhone day this year.

September 19th lines up with what Cult of Mac has separately heard will be Apple’s iPhone launch weekend. Domestic and international carriers have blacked out vacation time for employees from September 19th through the 22nd, according to sources. Having all hands on deck to handle the influx of iPhone buyers during a launch weekend is typical practice for carriers.

If the 5.5-inch iPhone is made available alongside the 4.7-inch model, supplies will likely be extremely constrained until Apple ramps up production overseas. 4.7-inch parts have been in wide circulation, which suggests that manufacturing for that model is going strong. 5.5-inch parts, on the other hand, have been few and far between.