Crazy Russians cobble together ‘working’ iPhone 6 from leaked parts


This image might prove the iPhone 6 has a 1334 x 750 display.
This image might prove the iPhone 6 has a 1334 x 750 display.


iPhone 6 components have been leaking out of China like a broken fire hydrant, and while we’ve joked that someone could probably make a working iPhone out of all them, the guys at Feld and Volk actually went and did it.

Using parts sourced from their suppliers in China, the Russian luxury iPhone modifiers have assembled an iPhone 6 using a leaked case, logic board, display, true-tone flash and camera, and then connected the hacked-together device to iTunes just to see what would happen. To their surprise the device booted up, but couldn’t connect to the software update servers.

Check out the full hands-on video below:

The iPhone 6 will be revealed in all its glory on September 9th with a bigger display, mobile payments supported by NFC, an improved camera, faster A8 processor and speedier LTE.

  • DarthDisney

    We’ve seen these exact same lying videos every time the new iPhone is almost here.

  • Diego Posadas

    In terms of design.. I still prefer the 5S for what I’ve seen..

  • Jan Kowalski

    Fake! Android :(

  • xared

    That gear which appears momentarily is stock android design. Apple uses a very different activity indicator. Verdict – Fake.

    • All you need is common sense to know that a device with no OS can do anything and nothing is normal about what it does. The OS for this device is not installed which is also why the iTunes logo is centered instead of at the bottom like the 5… Also to iTunes, this device doesn’t even exist so nothing will happen until Apple puts a finished .ipsw on the server.

      • Ron G

        That’s not 100% accurate if they had a Beta iOS 8 they may have been able to try to put an iOS on the device. It’s probably a fake device, but it’s still cool to see something that is at least a physical representation a few weeks early

  • Adrayven

    Wow.. totally missed the gear.. that is a fake.. wow… Feld & Volk pulling a fast one over bloggers .. wait.. umm.. thats not that hard.. youtube does that all the time..

    It’s likely one of the fake Android iPhone 6’s thats for sale in China..

  • Ben Ward

    if you stop and take a close look, around 47 seconds the wired is actually coiled with a second wire, that wire I’m assuming, is connected to the 5s shown to get the “confirmation” that iTunes recognizes it as an iPhone, most like an android fake like others mentioned

  • Tom

    Totally fake. That iTunes dialog is to do with internet connectivity, and has nothing to do with a device connection.

  • Brandon Franklin

    Fake or not I like the minimal bezels!

  • Jason White

    Dear Apple please surprise us on 9/9..because this design looks awful..those white antenna bands and that popped out un-Apple so ugly..oh no.

  • “Crazy Russians” I’m guessing you think that it’s OK to make sweeping generalisations based on nationalities?

    • Jhabril_Harris

      Glad I wasn’t the only one who felt that way