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Now with trailers, Plex’s latest app update turns your iPad or iPhone into a movie theater


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If I had to list the apps I couldn’t live without, Plex would be high up on the list. Think of it like a Netflix for your local video. A multimedia server client for Mac with a slick iOS app, Plex allows you to stream your local television shows and movies on demand to any device on your local WiFi network, or even away from home. It even works on the Apple TV.

Now, Plex for iOS version 3.5 is here, and it brings some cool new features to the already feature-packed app, including the ability to play movie trailers before your movie!

First, Plex 3.5 now allows you to create playlists. Instead of playing movies or albums one by one, you can create playlists right on the app that contain both music and video content. This playlist functionalist extends even so far as to allow you to create iTunes-like smart playlists based upon parameters like genre, years, collection, rating, and more.

The new feature I like most, though, is movie trailers. If you have any trailers in your Plex library, Plex 3.5 will now recognize and categorize them. “After adding trailers to your movie library, you can now view them from the movie info screen,” the update notes say, “or by long-pressing on movies.”

Even cooler? Turn on the “Cinema Trailers” option in Plex for iOS 3.5 and movie trailers will start playing before your films, just like at the cinema. Pretty cool.

If you have a sizable local movie collection, Plex is one of the best home theater apps you can get, and the new update makes it even better. Download it on iTunes at the link below.

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