Cortana makes Siri look silly in new Windows Phone ad


Apple may be going harder than ever, while Microsoft is having to lay off 18,000 of its employees, but the Redmond, WA company is still intent on bragging about its “superiority” over Apple.

Taking a page out of the Samsung book of advertising-by-dissing-your-enemies, Microsoft has unleashed a new ad comparing its new Cortana virtual assistant with Apple’s virtual assistant Siri. And, wouldn’t you know it, in Microsoft’s version of events, Cortana blows Siri out the water.

Quite the surprise, huh?

Called “Happy Anniversary,” the commercial features a face-off between the two virtual assistants, based around various anniversary-related questions. In the first one, the narrator asks that Cortana reminds him to wish his wife happy anniversary when she next calls, which Cortana schedules as a reminder. Siri, meanwhile, says that, “Oh no, I cannot do that.”

Next, the narrator asks Cortana to remind him to buy roses next time he passes a flower shop, which Cortana does, while Siri says, “I cannot do that, either.”

Cortana then gives the narrator a bonus traffic alert, while Siri fumes, “Now that is a smart phone.”

Nice try, Microsoft!

Source: YouTube