AEM is the latest component maker to join Apple’s iPhone 6 army



Apple already has a whole lot of component makers on its books, but according to Digitimes it’s just added one more.

Digitimes is claiming that Apple recently inked a deal with flexible copper clad-laminate maker Asia Electronic Materials (AEM) to provide coverlay orders for next-generation iPhones.

According to sources, AEM has been shipping black-colored coverlays (tack-free film which is bonded to the surface of a flexible printed circuit board) to the iPhone’s supply chain through its FCCL client Career Technology.

These orders have reportedly driven up AEM’s revenues during the first half of 2014. While sales of coverlays currently account for 6-7 percent of AEM’s total revenues, this ratio is likely to move up as Apple releases its long-awaited iPhone 6.

It was recently reported that the number of component makers Apple has got working on its new iPhone is proving challenging for smaller smartphone makers, who are having to delay their devices since they can’t find the manufacturers as so many are working for Apple.

The iPhone 6 is likely to arrive later this year, with the 4.7-inch model predicted by some to be launching on September 19, while a larger 5.5-inch “phablet” model may be coming early in 2015.

Source: Digitimes