This tap-based app wants to beat Yo for world’s fastest messenger



When Yo, an app which lets you send out one word messages (hint: they all read “yo!”), hit the App Store and raised $1 million in the process, it seemed that messaging apps had reached their minimalist bottom.

Not so, according to the makers of TAP: a new check-in app looking to snatch Yo’s status as the world’s fastest messaging app. TAP lets you broadcast your location to friends by simply tapping twice on your phone, without even having to unlock it. The location update lasts just ten minutes before disappearing — making this something along the lines of the “Snapchat for Location.”

There’s also the ability to send either “private TAPs” or to let your location be publicly known to all your friends. We’re not entirely convinced that the app will add a “communication layer on top of the world” or lead to “more authentic communication & frequent sharing of moments” as its developers boldly suggest, but in a world where Yo became a surprise smash hit — who knows?

TAP is set to hit the App Store very soon, and we’ll let you know when it does. Unless the whole thing turns out to be a bit of high concept performance art, that is.

Source: Tap