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Amazon plans touchscreen Alexa speaker


Amazon Echo
Using Alexa is about to get even better.
Photo: Jim Merithew/Cult of Mac

Amazon is planning to capitalize on the success of its Alexa speakers by launching a high-end model with improved audio and a built-in touchscreen, according to a new report.

It would become the first Alexa speaker with a display, which is expected to show useful information like weather forecasts, calendar appointments and breaking news.

Smart screen protectors give your iPhone superpowers


HYPER GLASS by Live Work Play has two invisible buttons for back and forward.
HYPER GLASS by Live Work Play has two invisible buttons for back and forward.
Photo: Live Work Play

Perhaps as we continue to evolve, our thumbs will grow longer so future generations will be able to reach the back menu arrow at the top of the iPhone. But we can’t wait hundreds of years for that.

We either need to lift an extra finger, god forbid, or purchase a glass screen protector that essentially gives our struggling thumb invisible back and forward buttons.

This tap-based app wants to beat Yo for world’s fastest messenger



When Yo, an app which lets you send out one word messages (hint: they all read “yo!”), hit the App Store and raised $1 million in the process, it seemed that messaging apps had reached their minimalist bottom.

Not so, according to the makers of TAP: a new check-in app looking to snatch Yo’s status as the world’s fastest messaging app. TAP lets you broadcast your location to friends by simply tapping twice on your phone, without even having to unlock it. The location update lasts just ten minutes before disappearing — making this something along the lines of the “Snapchat for Location.”

PC Switchers Rejoice – Your Mac’s Trackpad Can Also Tap To Click [OS X Tips]


Trackpad Tap To Click

If there’s one thing PC users have the hardest time with when they use my Macbook Air, it’s the trackpad. What seems completely common and functional to me leaves them baffled and confused.

“How do I click the mouse?” they ask, tapping away in frustration, not knowing that all you need to do is press down a bit and, you know, actually click the thing.

If you’re one of those folks, or you just like to be able to tap the trackpad without actually pressing it down, here’s how to do so.