iTunes 11.3 adds HD movie Extras to Mac and Apple TV


Deleted scenes, director's commentary and more, now come with every iTunes HD movie Photo: Buster Hein

Buying movies on iTunes just got a lot more like purchasing a Blu-ray from Best Buy, thanks to the addition of an all-new iTunes Extras features for HD movies. The new feature is part of the iTunes 11.3 update Apple released this morning, that brings new content to movies played on your Mac and Apple TV.

iTunes Extras give customers more content for all their movies by offering everything from behind-the-scenes video, short films, high res image galleries, director’s commentary, cut scenes and more.

Extras for each movie are downloaded when you purchases each title, but iTunes will also automatically add new extras to your previously purchases HD movies as they become available, at no additional cost.

The iTunes 11.3 update can be download by running a Software Update from your Mac’s  menu, or directly from Apple’s website. Apple TV users can also get the new extras today by installing the latest 6.2 Apple TV update, while iOS 8 is also slated to get the feature when its released to the public this fall.