iCaramba! New pictures showing the 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch iPhone 6 surface


Photo: Sonny Dickson/Twitter
Photo: Sonny Dickson/Twitter

We’ve heard plenty of reports about Apple’s 5.5-inch “phablet” iPhone 6, but most of the leaked pictures so far have claimed to depict its smaller sibling, the 4.7-inch iPhone 6, instead.

That’s changed with some new model photos showing mockups of both sizes of the forthcoming iPhone 6, including both the back and front of the two next generation iPhone models, sitting side by side.


The images back up a lot of what we already know about Apple’s next iPhone release — including its rounded case edges, larger form factor, thinner bezels, and relocated power button. Apple is expected to drop the 4.7-inch iPhone 6 around September time, while the 5.5-inch version (which will likely be in shorter supply) will either launch simultaneously, or could be delayed a few months.

While there is no guarantee that these photos are authentic, they were posted by the well-connected Sonny Dickson — a.k.a. the infamous leaker who revealed the iPhone 5 alongside a number of other Apple products.

The more I hear about the iPhone 6, the more I’m tempted by the 5.5-inch model, despite the fact that it will likely be more expensive. Which iPhone 6, if any, do you plan to buy later this year?

Source: Twitter

  • Kevin Kelly

    Definitely the 5.5in! I am really into the size. Big hands cramp on the iPhone 5…

  • Matt

    Originally thinking the 4.7″ because my Note II was too hard to handle. But if the 5.5″ iPhone is easier to use then I’ll go that route, will need to see it in store.

  • Erlend Mørch

    Seriosuly, if there is no phone either smaller than, or the same size as the 5(S), this is the beginning of the end for Apple. Everyone (except Apple, apparently) knows that cute culture journalist hipster girls are the most powerfull trendsetter. Do you think these phones will fit their hands?

    I’ve asked many of them, I see them struggle with the 5(S), I asked them what they would do if the iPhone got even bigger. They said they would just use older iphone untill they had no choice but to buy a small android.

    Apple, please. Stop designing your products for the hands of fat men with asberger’s syndrom. You want to know why you’re losing the “coolness” factor? Because none of you are cool. Jobs was. You’re all just a bunch of very talented losers, and it’s bad for the company.

    • thomas

      I agree they should definitely have more variation other than big and bigger

    • Although I do agree with a small part of your opinion, this sounds a little too “doom and gloom”. It’s funny how many fools say “The end of Apple” and “Apple’s done for”, quite familiar with your post. Wow, and these phones are not even out yet, announced yet, nothing. “The beginning of the end for Apple”…wow. OK.

      • art hackett

        You bet. As soon as we see the blah blah blah, end of apple stuff, it’s probably time to buy shares as they are always the opposite of correct.

      • Erlend Mørch

        I wasn’t being serious about the end of apple.

      • art hackett

        Sorry Erlend, I don’t think I was replying to you. Your post was funny. Disqus was being very flaky in my browser.

      • Maxwell S. Overholt

        bit heavy on the racism… but I agree that even the 5(s) is too big.

      • Oh snap, I thought you were, my bad… ;)

    • Charismatron

      You’ve successfully communicated that you know a lot of cute hipster girls, and that apparently, it’s common knowledge these cute girls determine the destiny of phones. That’s pretty interesting and totally worth the read

      Aside from this, the comments of your post mirror many others: no one at Apple will ever be as cool as SJ, and Apple is doomed to failure if it doesn’t do “x”. Oh, and everyone at Apple is a loser. This is pretty tiresome and not nearly as entertaining as the girl/phone stuff, so please post more of that awesomeness.

    • Shane Stebner

      Finally found who’s the authority on “coolness”. Can you please provide me some Stock advice? If you know the future, there’s a lot of money to be made…You must be a small girly bitch. I’m 6’4 and my Note 2 fits perfectly in my hands. In fact, the only reason I went Android was to get a larger screen.

    • Grunt_at_the_Point

      Well, were are those “hipster girls” gonna go? All the other manufacturers have a variant of the rumored iPhone 6 5.5.

      I suspect Apple will keep the current iPhone 5s and see how things shakes out. If either of the three fail to meet sale expectations that phone will be eliminated. Same happen to the 17″ Macbook Pro. This is not the end of the world its moving forward.

  • PTVMan

    I’d bet real money that Apple isn’t going to produce a 5.5″ iPhone.

    • art hackett

      I would have a while ago, but it’s beginning to seem like it will happen. Hopefully they’ll still make the 4″ model for those that still want them, but not the pissy 16gig only option. An A8 in the 5s as well would be good, but the A7 is still excellent. Maybe they’ll they’ll upgrade the 5c instead. Is that c for compact?

      • BB BB

        Maybe ditch the plastic and keep the 5s as the entry model at a discount. If they were smart they would beef up the internal specs of the 5s but I highly doubt it. I hope they put more ram in the 6 or I’m not buying one.

    • Grunt_at_the_Point

      I think Apple will produce the 5.5. The business world crowd tend to be older. Their phones need the extra real estate either for business purposes (reading docs, etc.) or, like me, sure helps with the eyes that have a lot of miles on them.

  • thomas

    those antenna borders look hideous, look like tape. should have made them thinner.
    btw bring back the black color. space gray is so ugly

    • AAPL_@_$101_Is_A_Done_Deal_:)

      Do you honestly think those antenna borders are going to slow sales? Hardly. It’s better to have function over form. Besides, a case would cover them up. I actually wonder what those strips are made of. Pressed-in plastic doesn’t make much sense. Maybe the finished product won’t have them.

      • monstermasten

        Oh my god you’ve so not understood Apple haha

    • Neil Andrews

      The interesting bits are round the front! If you don’t like the antenna bars then put a case on it or buy another phone but STFU about ’em.

    • BB BB

      I’m not a fan of these leaked screen shots. These phones look bad.

  • Aannddyy

    I’ve had just about every other iPhone, might as well try out a different size.

  • ♜Donzzy™

    I could still remember Steve Jobs was saying like, we don’t need a bigger smartphone, the 3.5-inch is already enough…

    • art hackett

      No ,really? I remember him saying lots of things. What ships is what counts. Jobs only twice revealed products that hadn’t shipped or were coming out before Scamsung could copy them.

  • BB BB

    After juggling a 5″ s4, 4.2″ z10 and finally my 4″ 5s my favourite phone size is the blackberry z10. Not to big and not too small. I of course love the 5s as well but the perfect size for reading and one handed ease of use BlackBerry really hit the nail on the head with the size. The galaxy often leaves me stretching to reach icons and other buttons and it is very easy to get clumsy with it. I don’t have huge hands but remember don’t count your chickens until apple launches the new stuff

  • Marcus Winchester

    I will laugh my ass of if Apple has been tricking us all along and goes back to a 3.5 inch display for iPhone 6, that would get some blood boiling