Hands on: iOS 8 spreads the love with Family Sharing


  • Jaime Stark

    Does it work with users that are still on iOS 7, like for the iPhone 4 which doesn’t support iOS 8?

    Is a subscription to iTunes Match shared?

    • lucascott

      No and likely no.

      The bigger bit on this is the implied ability for kids to have their own account without the need to lie about ages etc. Because an account that is under 13 would likely have to have an ‘adult’ account also to request those permissions

  • YodaMac

    Is everything we previously purchased with our own, individual iTunes accounts shared as well? or just new purchases made with a single credit card?

    I mean, I’m happy to share some of my music with my wife, but she doesn’t want ALL my music clogging up her personal itunes library – she only likes some of what I like. That’s why we’ve always had separate iTunes accounts in the first place. She buys what she likes, I buy what I like.

    But Apple will only let us share anything now if we use the same credit card/Apple ID and share it ALL? Not sure I see how that is different than forcing spouses to use the same ID/Credit Card?

  • Snorre Milde

    Joshua: Try to introduce short pauses in your voice-over. This came across as a 2-minute long sentence. I couldn’t parse all the information you to tried to communicate.

    • Joshua Smith

      Hey @smilespray:disqus thanks for checking out the video. I’ll be sure to take note of your advice. I appreciate it!

      • lucascott

        Another tip, cut the first 25 seconds. 99 percent of folks are basically ADHD when it comes to this kind of thing cause they’re used to the short and sweet of Twitter. They’ll hit the back button before they get to the end of your introduction.

        And you seriously need to do something about your camera shots. No one wants or needs to see your finger, especially when the screen isn’t crisp and crystal clear. There have been third party apps to deal with this issue for ages.

  • Thomas Becker

    I too am curious if you will be able to share all previous purchases with members of the family.

    Does anyone know if it will work without using a credit card? None of the users in my family have a CC attached to their iTunes account, we all just use iTunes cards. So is that going to work with family sharing? As long as there is credit on the account…..

    • lucascott

      The credit card is how they verify there is a link between the accounts. So you’ll have to have it on the account to use Family Sharing at this point.