iOS 8 takes a bite out of KitKat for mobile supremacy



With all the new features coming to iOS 8 this fall, many Android users have commented that Apple’s upcoming update acts a lot like KitKat. In today’s video, see some of the new features of iOS 8 go head-to-head with similar iterations in Android to see which comes out on top.

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  • bigmooch33

    I was a little skeptical of the new icons and UI of iOS 7 when it was released last year. However, after seeing the new OS head to head with the latest version of Android, it makes the KitKat interface look like a cheap Windows 95 knockoff. I really love Google’s UI in its new apps-clean and simple. The folks up in Mountain View need to do something with the overall look and feel of Android soon.

  • itpromike

    That was iOS 8 going head to head with touch wiz from Samsung… this was in no way representative of Android itself… you should use a Nexus 5 for this video. For example that was not the Android keyboard, that was Samsungs POS keyboard… Additionally some of the things that you stated iOS was ahead in (like spotlight vs Google Now search etc…) the test itself wasn’t accurate. The same types of suggestions and search results for contacts, applications, movie times, etc… can be had on the Google now search however you have to enabled them in the settings and they aren’t enabled by default usually. You are able to control what type of search results are returned helping to make the search overall quicker by not having to pull results that you don’t care about.

    • Joshua Smith

      Hey @itpromike:disqus thanks for checking out the video and sharing your thoughts, I really appreciate it. This video hopes to serve as a good representation of what exactly users can expect software-wise when specifically looking into purchasing the iPhone and the leading Android device, the Samsung Galaxy S5. While there are many different types of Android out I’ve taken note of what you’ve said and hope to make more videos of this nature in the future. Once again thanks for your advice and support.

      • The “different types of Android” are what’s at the heart of the problem. With iOS– whether one likes it or not–the experience doesn’t differ from another device with the same OS.

        Android can’t say the same thing. For instance, and let’s ignore the remarkable fragmentation of the platform for a moment, you can have KitKat on a Samsung device, and KitKat on an HTC device, and visually have a different experience on each (the functionality essentially being the same).

        Now I understand that that being there are two different companies involved in my example, so there’s a logic to each treating Android differently.

        Though it doesn’t help functionality in many instances.

        And the fragmentation problem, which I alluded to earlier, is frankly remarkable in that you can purchase a new Android device, that (if what I have read is accurate) is either not upgraded to the latest OS in a timely fashion, or even not upgradable at all.

        If you ask me, that’s pretty incredible and something that you don’t see with new iOS devices (if you’re working with an older one, your mileage may vary).

  • dgero83

    Next time you should use a nexus device. You can’t compare an ios8 with the highly customized android that Samsung delivers. With a nexus, the search works in a different way, it searches contracts, apps etc. And so on. Sam s5 might be the most representative device, but it’s like comparing Apples with Pears. You have just one device with ios which gets software updates from apple, so you should use the only device with software update from Google. It’s like saying, I can have Windows in a virtual box on my ibook, let’s compare it with my iMac.

    • JJ

      But samsung is the number android phone. Why use a less popular android device? Does not make sense.

      • dgero83

        Because the title is iOS 8 takes a bite out of KitKat for mobile supremacy. With this title, the video gives wrong informations. A correct title should be iOS 8 takes a bite out of Samsung s5 for mobile supremacy. I’d totally agree with it then.