iWatch will run iOS 8 and launch this October



Apple’s long awaited and heavily rumored iWatch is set to land in stores and on wrists this October, according to a new report from Japanese business newspaper Nikkei.

Unnamed sources tell the paper that Apple has begun finalizing specs for the device, which will feature a curved OLED touchscreen and run a version of iOS 8. In keeping with Apple’s push into fitness and health tracking, as seen through the announcement of its upcoming Health app and API for iOS 8, the device will allegedly use biometric sensors to collect health-related data such as calorie consumption, sleep activity, blood oxygen levels, and more.

A parts manufacturer suggests that Apple plans for a monthly commercial output of around 3-5 million units — a number that exceeds the total global sales of watch-based devices in 2013.

However, the report also contrasts with a recent statement from Cantor Fitzgerald analyst Brian White, who calimed that iWatch production was gearing up this month for a September launch alongside the two models of iPhone 6.

Although little is known about the iWatch’s physical features, rumors have previously suggested that the device will come in two separate sizes of 1.3 inches and 1.5-1.7 inches. In Apple’s most recent fitness-oriented iPhone 5s ad, a smartwatch was conspicuous by its absence among the third-party health tracking devices Apple profiled.

Source: Nikkei

  • digitaldumdum

    “iWatch will run iOS 8 and launch this October”

    All you had to do to make this story less egregious is word it thusly: “If there is an iWatch, it may launch in October and might run iOS 8”

    The phrases “heavily rumored”, “set to land”, “according to a new report”, “Unnamed sources”, “allegedly use”, “A parts manufacturer suggests”, “However, the report also contrasts with a recent statement”, “Although little is known”, “rumors have previously suggested” and “a smartwatch was conspicuous by it’s absence”… all these phrases—essentially the bulk of the article—reduce it’s credibility to zero. Why not wait for some real and credible news?

    • San Diego Dave

      Maybe because if they waited for “real news” there would be no stories. Then they would have to talk about Xbox games and movie trailers all day, and everyone would be commenting “I thought this was cult of mac!!”

  • Bubba Punk

    It looks really nerdy. Seems to have the same effect as wearing a Bluetooth earpiece, Google Glass, or a cell phone clipped to one’s belt.

  • MisterC

    I’m consider myself a watch geek, have a bunch of them. As for these “SmartWatches” Pebble, the Samsung, iWatch. etc. I have zero interest. I do love Apple and will probably upgrade to iPhone 6…. I do miss my old mid 80’s – somewhat ‘smart’ watch by Casio. The old “DataBank”