Apple’s crusade to keep Samsung phones off the shelves wages on


The Galaxy Note 2 is one of the Samsung phones Apple wants to ban from being sold.

If you thought that round two of Apple vs. Samsung was the end, you are sadly mistaken.

Although Apple recently won $119 million in a second victory against Samsung in patent court, that modest figure is nowhere near enough to make Apple back down. Not only is Apple seeking a retrial, but it wants to ban past and potentially future Samsung phones from being sold.

Apple has filed a request for presiding Judge Koh to hold a retrial and reconsider the damages owed by Samsung, reports Florian Mueller of FOSS Patents. “Apple can’t hide its dissatisfaction with this month’s verdict,” according to Mueller, who notes that the company wants a figure closer to the original $2.2 billion in damages it requested.

After Samsung was found guilty of patent infringement in 2012 and ordered to pay Apple around a billion dollars, a string of appeals and modifications to the ruling ended up cutting the damages amount by more than half. And although Apple won its second big pow-wow with Samsung earlier this month, the penalty is again nowhere near as harsh as Apple would like it to be.

Beyond a retrial of the damages amount, Apple wants a permanent injunction against Samsung phones that violate Apple’s patents. Devices like the Galaxy Note and Galaxy Note 2 are included in the list of mostly older devices. Apple wants the sales ban to even apply to unreleased Samsung phones that might infringe, like the upcoming Galaxy 6.

It’s highly unlikely that Apple will get what it wants to the degree that it wants it, especially with regards to the permanent injunction. And although there were rumors of settlement talks, it doesn’t look like Apple and Samsung have plans to kiss and make up anytime soon.

Source: FOSS Patents

Image: Recombu

  • Ben Williams

    Still think this is a stupid lawsuit. Apple’s suing Samsung over key Android features that were developed by Google, not Samsung. And besides, most of those said features are so ubiquitous that it’s pointless to claim Apple invented them.

    Ah, but whatever crushes the competition, I suppose. Typical Apple. Can’t innovate something to capture the audiences? Sue the people who do.

    • PMB01

      The features are ubiquitous because Apple pioneered their usage. How much is Samsung paying you? Clearly too much.

      • oneyedmonkey

        Yeah everyone knows that apple has never taken ideas from anyone else ;)

      • PMB01

        That’s completely different. Many things have a design inspired by another product, like how the Xbox One looks like an 80’s VCR. Samsung markets their stolen-IP riddled products as direct alternatives to Apple products. The examples above never actually competed with each other. Yours is the kind of flawed logic (or flawgic, as I like to call it) that I’ve come to expect from Samsung trolls.

      • oneyedmonkey

        Why is it every time someone disagrees with apple products. That someone must be getting paid by another company, in this case Samsung. I personally don’t even like Samsung phones and but just feel as if apple is trying to pull a monopoly so that they don’t have to keep up with other companies.

      • oneyedmonkey

        And don’t act like apple hasn’t taken any operating system ideas from anyone else. Don’t worry though I think its a good idea, it keeps other phone companies always pushing to do new things. Which is was apple is trying to eliminate by banning there biggest competition.

      • Ben Williams

        Never used a Samsung phone before, unless you count the Galaxy Nexus which was made by Samsung but ran pure Android. Also pretty sure a company can’t bribe a minor, just saying.

        It’s my honest opinion. And to the other person, iOS copied Android and WebOS when it comes to things in iOS 7 such as; the notifications panel, which Android has had since the beginning, the Quick settings pull up menu, which Samsung, LG, Motorola and the like have had for ages (Android introduced it as a whole in the ICS update of 2011), and finally the Recents panel functionality, which again has been with Android since the beginning.

        That’s all for today, I’m tired. And before anybody says I’m an Android biased fanboy, I once had an iPod and thought it was crap. Couldn’t do a thing and was ugly as heck. My Galaxy Nexus was nice and intuitive , nothing like that brick. ;3

      • PMB01

        Companies can bribe whoever they want. Apparently Samsung is robbing the cradle.

        Actually, the notification menu was taken from a jailbreak app, which had it before Android did. Same with Control Center.

        Good thing your opinion doesn’t mean anything since it’s well known that iOS is more intuitive than Android. Your boas is glaring.

      • Ben Williams

        Ah, yes, because the iOS 7 version of Safari is “intuitive,” as you say. I’m forced to use iPads at my school, all rather confusing. It’s not immediately obvious what a white square and arrow does.

        And again, as the other person has stated, why is it the moment I disagree with an opinion I automatically become a slave of the competition? I’m happily using a Motorola Moto X right now. Personally love it more than any Samsung phone, which I think have a liiittle too much bloatware. (Unf grammatical error)

        Finally, if you are trying to convince me that Google “stole” basic Android features from a couple homebrew developers, it’s not working. Say what you want, but Android had it before Apple.

        (And yes, I do admit I’m a bit* biased. I customize the hell out of every Android device I can get my hands on. Obviously, I can’t do this with an iDevice, as those pretty much let you change the background and leave it at that. I’m over here changing my icon packs, launchers, notification actions, toaster effects, launch effects, etc etc. iDevices lack those basic functions, so… Android is superior in my eyes. ;3

        //*okay I’m a lot biased. Any android phone can get apps, but the iPod I was given was an older model and could no longer access the App Store. Waste of money.)

      • PMB01

        I don’t have to convince you of anything and I didn’t say that Google stole them either. I’m simply stating the fact that Apple didn’t steal those features from Google because the jailbreak community had them first. Nothing you say changes that fact.

        Those are advanced features, not basic functions. iOS can do 95% of what most people need from a smartphone OS and do it intuitively. Again, it’s a well-known fact that iOS is more intuitive than Android. You’re also stupid if you think your old iPod couldn’t access the App Store at all. A quick Google search would’ve provided a solution. That experience is not representative of iOS at all.

        Again, your biased opinion doesn’t change any of these facts.

    • AAPL_@_$101_Is_A_Done_Deal_:)

      Apple is going to leave Samsung with nothing but the smartphone dregs come the end of this year. Samsung’s stock is going to tank as Apple sucks all the high-end profits away.

  • AAPL_@_$101_Is_A_Done_Deal_:)

    Samsung and Google have all the crooks already on their side. Google sunk massive amounts of donations into the hands of various powerful people in Washington. They basically paid those people to look the other way. The only way Apple is going to beat Google is by creating an Apple search engine to run default on all Apple products. Apple can only beat Samsung by sucking up all the profits in the smartphone business and building the finest iPhones that consumers can’t resist.