iPad selfies gone wrong: Arnold Schwarzenegger edition




Arnold Schwarzenegger’s love affair with his iPad hasn’t been as well documented as some of his other lusts but Conan the Governor loves his Apple tablet so damn much he takes it everywhere, which makes it the perfect tool for capturing the Austrian Oak’s greatest love – his deteriorating guns.

Here’s Arnold’s iPad selfie from another angle:



No one looks cool snapping pics with an iPad but there’s something about seeing Arnie do it that makes it so much worse. Dude is still a beat at 66, but maybe it’s his slumping chest or the steroid-fused veins popping out of his arms like dead snakes. Either way, maybe it time the 66 year-old to cover up during Facetime, unless he’s playing a serious game of Snapchat Gross Out.


Image: INFphoto

Via: Buzzfeed

  • Tommy Bahama

    He is doing what he does best, poking fun at himself, and letting us in on it! You look marvellous!

  • He’s probably FaceTiming with someone! Geeeeeez leave the guy alone!!!

  • erodz1892

    Tell you what this 66 year old man looks way better than a lot of 20 year old out there

  • Kevin Reynolds

    Have some respect Oi! Don’t forget that he is a LEGEND and an IDOL to millions.
    Leave him alone!

  • Brandon Davis

    Hey Buster, how about you remove your shirt and post a pic of what your packing. I’m guessing a 66 year old man is looking a lot better than what you got. Next time skip the inane story and opt for a push-up yourself before you start throwing stones.

    • Steve Harris

      Well said.

    • BusterH

      i do all the time, but i could definitely use Arnold’s roid hookup http://instagram.com/p/oJNDNfGBgt/

      • eXoguti093

        Very professional article, dumbshit.

      • EKIMMMMM

        very professional comment, dumbshit.

      • eXoguti093

        Am I a fucking “professional”? What the fuck xD The author is supposed to be or act like it not me

  • TheRealSpark

    Just what about those two photos suggests that he’s taking “selfies”? He’s got glasses on. He’s probably reading. I’m only 60 and I wish my physique was as good as Arnold. Buster Hein, you write like a troll.

    • Long Duckdong

      Indeed, though Buster (really?) accomplished the goal of Cult of Mac – sacrificing integrity and quality for page hits….

  • Ally

    Really, have some respect! He was and always be someone that we admire, no matter what haters say! At 66 he looks great! I wonder how do you look? Worse article ever! I thought this website is not a lame gossip jungle, shame on you…

  • Alex

    wonder what buster will look like @ 66????

  • Steve Harris

    Dude, he’s 66 friggin years old. Let’s see what you look like at the age. Good for you Arnie!


    damn i didnt think people loved arnold schwarzenegger this much. everyones takin it so personally. calm down people…its literally 4 sentences.

  • MercuryFumes

    The author looks like a ballsack after testicular cancer.

  • rgonzalezagui

    Jeez…tech sites are now acting like papparazzis, first the thing about Kobe Bryant at the Apple HQ and now this…

  • Spawn666949

    Buster Hein is such a troll. lol. There is no way somebody could be this presumptuously stupid….oh, wait…there’s this article.

  • Vic Hristov

    What is this now, TMZofMac? Arnold is probably just reading or FaceTiming someone, and instead of discussing the no-life paparazzi that captured the picture, we now have to read your bullshit about him covering up? Get a life, loser!~

  • John Terry

    Well said Vic Hristov. Nuff said.

  • mxvilla

    One of the worst articles ever read on the internet.

    It’s so stupid it hurts.

  • Jamie Waters

    First and last visit to the cultofmac. Terrible article.