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Wingsuit Cute elicits more awws than wows


Wingsuit Cute

Wingsuit Cute is a game about a bunch of adorable animals forced to glide through the air and collect snacks while under the constant threat of smashing their widdle snoots on rocks and trees.

Wingsuit Cute by Iron Foot Studios
Category: iOS Games
Works With: iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch
Price: $1.99

It really downplays the animals graphically smashing their faces open, but that’s basically what’s happening. The game takes a sunnier approach, choosing to focus on the part where tiny mammals don wingsuits in search of thrills and noms. And it’s really cute. And kinda fun, with a fair amount of challenge to keep perfect-run seekers coming back.

But it’s mostly cute.

Wingsuit Cute
You can choose between five snuggly animals to recklessly endanger.

The game takes place over a series of downhill courses through which the animal of your choosing will glide. Gravity and forward momentum handle most of that, but you can touch the screen to make your cuddly little buddy glide up. You can also swipe down to make it do a trick, and if you complete two of those without smearing your precious cargo all over the countryside, then you unlock an airbrake maneuver.

All you have to do is make it to the bottom in one piece, which is easy enough. But if you are teh hardcorez, you’ll also want to pick up every single balloon-suspended treat and inexplicable picnic basket on the way down. It requires some timing and planning, and you have to figure out exactly when to swoop and when to fwoosh.

Those are technical terms.

It’s kinda challenging to pick everything up, but the game is so forgiving (if you make it to the bottom, you can go on) that your only real reason to do so is for your own sense of satisfaction and/or obsessive-compulsive disorder.

The animations are also very basic, with only a few basic frames per character. But I suppose that once you’ve put a Fennec Fox in a wingsuit, it doesn’t really matter what else you do with it. Because he thinks he’s people, and look at those ears.

Wingsuit CuteGame Name: : Wingsuit Cute
The Good: Cute animals and a surprising amount of challenge.
The Bad: Basic gameplay with not a whole lot of longevity if you don’t care about perfection.
The Verdict: It’s cute, but don’t expect much.
Buy from: App Store – Wingsuit Cute – Iron Foot Studios


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