Does Satechi’s new GoRemote Bluetooth iPhone controller really need to be waterproof?


Photo: Satechi.

The first impression upon seeing Satechi’s new GoRemote Bluetooth remote-controller for the iPhone is oh man, that’s really freaking cool! Followed rapidly by wait, what am I going to do with this thing again?

There are enough ingredients baked into the GoRemote to prompt Tim Taylor-like grunts of lusty approval. With it you can command Siri, control music playback or snap photos, via Bluetooth, from up to 33 feet away. It’s waterproof enough to go swimming. And it has its own wristband and bicycle handlebar/car steering wheel mount. OOHHUU OOUUGH ARGGH ARGGHHH!

But most of us don’t swim with our iPhones, let alone listen to music at the same time (unless you’re my friend Diana, who think she’s a mermaid); listening to music while tooling around on a bike means you’re wearing earphones, which have their own remotes; and if your friends think smartwatches are dorky, wait till they catch you walking around with a remote lashed to your wrist.

On the other hand, the fact that the GoRemote can be strapped to s steering wheel and used for hands-free access to music and Siri makes up for everything else, and the iPhone camera remote feature is pretty cool too.

The GoRemote is $45-$50 on Kickstarer, depending on whether you get one or both of the mounting options, with a delivery date of October.

Source: Satechi

  • SB

    “listening to music while tooling around on a bike means you’re wearing earphones, which have their own remotes”

    Huh? If I’m on a bike, and wearing gloves that little remote on the cable is completely inaccessible.

    Infact I need something like this but slightly bigger for snowboarding.

  • YSR50

    “But most of us don’t swim with our iPhones” But people do wash their hands, or get caught in the rain. Just because something is water proof doesn’t mean you need to take it swimming

  • Jack McMas

    I was looking for a remote to take into shower and use with my Sonos. I think that’s a great idea.

  • ronjon400

    wife and kids need this to control iphone/ipad’s music, while swimming in the pool.
    Satechi makes a few bluetooth remotes, but this one is water-proof. Perfect.
    ~yes the ipad/iphone’s are docked far far from the pool :)

  • Some interesting points here, especially Jack’s. But ronjon, if the iPad/iPhone is docked far away from the pool, the remote’s 33-ft Bluetooth range might fall short.

    YSR50, that’s true, but a cheaper and easier solution when getting caught out in the rain would be a waterproof/resistant iPhone case.

    And SB, I get the snowboarding thing, because you’re wearing thick gloves. But rarely — I mean, rarely — am I unable to activate buttons on inline remotes, even when I’m wearing my beefier, all-mountain Axo gloves. Hit me up for suggestions on bike-friendly earphones.