Google bombshell didn’t affect Apple-Samsung verdict



For the second time in a row Samsung has been found guilty by a U.S. court of ripping off Apple’s patents, but according to the jury foreman in the latest Apple vs Samsung case, there wasn’t a single piece of evidence or testimony that sealed Samsung’s fate.

Jury members met with the media after being dismissed Monday morning, including ex-IBM executive and jury foreman Thomas Dunham, who said the revelation that Google agreed to protect Samsung from damages on a couple of patents in the trial was the biggest shocker of all.

“I think it woke us all up,” Dunham told Re/code, but he and other jurors agreed Google’s role didn’t push the jury’s decision one way or the other when it ultimately came to awarding damages.

<blockquote>“The damages were based on the fact that both sides presented their view of what a reasonable amount of, I guess, compensation would be. We didn’t really feel either one was what we felt was a fair and just compensation.”</blockquote>

The jury took three days of deliberation to determine the amount of damages before being called back today to fix a clerical error. Apple didn’t get the full $2.2 billion it was hoping for, but some jurors had higher damage awards in mind than the $119.6 million Apple was eventually awarded by the jury.

Dunham and the rest of the jurors said they weren’t trying send a message, but after receiving such a small fine, many question whether it will have an effect on the South Korean handset makers’ long held strategy to copy first, capture marketshare second and then reach settlements on patent issues later.


  • Merckel

    The jury’s bag of peanuts for Apple simply encourages Samsung to continue its sleazy business practices. Steal, copy and pay a small fine. Wash, Rinse, Repeat.

  • Hardy Thomas

    who the hell was in the jury.. Fools.. its just a boost to Shamesung to copy more and evade the law by paying small amounts.. they are even entering healthcare after apple announced…

  • Prasad Tiruvalluri

    The jury decision will force Apple to rethink its strategy of suing using questionable patents instead of innovating as it now knows that the next time it could end up winning nothing..even in its own backyard. They might end up being on the receiving end now. They might now shut up and start going back to innovating (if it can at all). Now that it was also found infringing on patents, the shine has come off of Apple’s holier than thou attitude. Good job jury..

    • melci

      On the contrary, competitors who don’t have the deep pockets and lack of shame and past criminal convictions of Samsung know that Apple will drag them through endless expensive legal proceedings if they blatantly copy Apple’s kit. Samsung’s tiny patent award was hilarious in contrast.

      Apple has always been on the receiving end of lawsuits being one of the biggest targets of patent trolls around. However, they aren’t afraid to stand up to the trolls and have managed to have many troll patents declared null and void by the courts over the years and have exposed the malicious abuse of SEP FRAND patents by the likes of Motorola, Samsung and Nokia into the bargain.