iPad is crushing all its Android rivals combined in web traffic



Forget about a close run race — the iPad is absolutely obliterating Android tablets when it comes to web traffic stats.

The data, which comes from Chitika Insights, looks at the distribution of Web usage across leading tablet devices for early April 2014.

Based on a sampling of tens of millions of U.S. and Canadian tablet-based online ad impressions, it leaves no question who’s ruling the tablet roost.

Not only can no other company dream of matching Apple’s success — every Android tablet combined doesn’t come close to knocking it off its throne.

The result is what Chitika calls the “elephant in the room,” referring to the iPad’s disproportionate success.

While Apple’s lead is gradually declining by a handful of percentage points each year, the fact that its closest competitor (Samsung) accounts for only 8.3% of web traffic, next to Apple’s 77.2% leaves no doubt as to who the winner is likely to be for years to come.

What did we say about it being a good time to be on the Apple bandwagon?

Source: Chitika