iPad is crushing all its Android rivals combined in web traffic



Forget about a close run race — the iPad is absolutely obliterating Android tablets when it comes to web traffic stats.

The data, which comes from Chitika Insights, looks at the distribution of Web usage across leading tablet devices for early April 2014.

Based on a sampling of tens of millions of U.S. and Canadian tablet-based online ad impressions, it leaves no question who’s ruling the tablet roost.

Not only can no other company dream of matching Apple’s success — every Android tablet combined doesn’t come close to knocking it off its throne.

The result is what Chitika calls the “elephant in the room,” referring to the iPad’s disproportionate success.

While Apple’s lead is gradually declining by a handful of percentage points each year, the fact that its closest competitor (Samsung) accounts for only 8.3% of web traffic, next to Apple’s 77.2% leaves no doubt as to who the winner is likely to be for years to come.

What did we say about it being a good time to be on the Apple bandwagon?

Source: Chitika


  • Nick Gordon

    Impressive – but let’s not forget the rest of the world. It would be interesting to see similar breakdowns for (say) Europe and Asia. Asia especially I’d expect to be different

  • AAPL_@_$101_Is_A_Done_Deal_:)

    I don’t quite understand these numbers. I’m always reading articles telling how Apple’s iPad business is in deep trouble and within a year no one will be buying iPads because Intel is going to start selling $100 Android tablets that are just as powerful as Apple’s top-of-the-line iPads. The way that graph indicates is that Apple’s iPad is still doing fairly well and it would take a long time for the other companies to catch up.

    • lrd555

      The “other” companies will quit, like Google did with Moto phones, before they catch up. Ain’t no catching up- you’ll see.

    • San Diego Dave

      This graph is showing web traffic, not number of tablets sold. In other words, the perennial Apple doom-sayers are always pointing out that Apple is selling fewer and fewer iPads each year while the other manufacturers are increasing sales. So, the takeaway from this graph is that lots of people are buying cheap Android tablets (just to have a tablet, I suppose) and then not using it (or at least not using it to surf the web). The other takeaway: If true, that’s really bad news for the Android folks who don’t make much money selling devices and have to rely on ad revenues.

      • LordQuad

        ” The other takeaway: If true, that’s really bad news for the Android folks who don’t make much money selling devices and have to rely on ad revenues.” I was thinking exactly the same thing, AKA: Google. It’s their primary and singular source of ‘real’ income. Search/Track, pass along your information to the advertisers (cookies if ya will!). Makes sense Google’s applications tend to work ‘better’ on my iOS devices than my Android (currently using a 5s as my personal and Note 3 as business phone). While I tried both Nexus 7s and bought into the original Xoom, it’s a sad state of affairs in the PlayStore when it comes to software optimized for tablets. While their phone ‘app’ offerings are getting better all the time, it’s the tablet application market iOS has tied up. Productivity (iWork, MS Office, Dropbox and iCloud integration Facebook and Twitter aggregation, and the browsing ‘experience’…even on the venerable iPad 2 is remarkable in comparison to its Android competitors. I’ve owned each iteration and with each the pundits will exclaim “too little RAM!” Where’s my fingerprint scanner? It’s down a million (they couldn’t keep the mini or the Air in large configurations in stock for three months!). The iPad IS tablet computing. I love my Note 3, couldn’t live nor function properly without my iPhone. OSx and Windows, I use them both…but when it comes to pulling the tablet out, it’s the iPad EVERY time.
        Surface RT? What happened? So much promise. Sad actually

  • NWSD

    ‘Apple sold 16.4 million iPads in its fiscal second quarter, less than the 19 million expected by analysts and the 19.5 million it sold in the year-earlier period’….. This is reality, not this sampling of US/Canada ads.

    • GadgetCanada1

      and the iPad’s competition did even worse

    • DFD

      and the competition lumps e-readers, video players, and other limited function android products, as “tablets”.

    • PMB01

      Web traffic is a better sampling of actual usage. Oh wow, Apple sold 3 million less iPads than they thought; they still sold 16.4 million of them! This is why market share data is crap.

      • NWSD

        This decline is significant. Market share is what drives future supply and strategy.

      • PMB01

        Except Apple doesn’t play that game. They care more about all these studies that show people actually use iPads way more than other tablets. Just like we found out a couple days ago that the iPod Touch accounts for more web traffic than both Blackberry and Windows Phone. Tim Cook has said he couldn’t care less about market share because it doesn’t tell the right story.

      • San Diego Dave

        It’s actually not that significant. Last year’s 19 million figure during this quarter was inflated due to backlogged orders from the Christmas season (after Apple had supply issues and couldn’t meet all the end-of-year orders until the following quarter).

      • LordQuad

        Precisely. As well, the introduction of the iPad mini, the updated ‘new’ ipad 3 with the A6x, actually bringing REAL performance to the retina displayed big guy. The mini was a novelty and a prime year for the two or three year hold outs. Those that owned the original or iPad 2. The ‘4’ and mini were enticing offers, and NEW, pocketable…and capable with the mini, it was an inevitable decline. Regardless, they’ll sell 50-60 million units. As you notice in the original quote …’analysts'” expectations. While iPad was down, iPhone was up. The offset had insignificant impact on earnings and Apple’s stock, while down a dozen bucks from its high of $600…is seemingly the ONLY Tech stock this week holding it’s value (& up for the past eight months with an incredible dividend and buy back). IOW, people investing could give two turds about expectations. That graph tells all. My original iPad still lasts my nine year old son an entire travel weekend away for the charge, performs basic tasks just fine and the iPad 2 now sits in the living room and is fully functional, constantly used and incredibly resilient. The A7 has taken the performance to an entirely new level.

  • Michael Scarborough

    Further proof that it doesn’t matter how many units are sold as much as how many are actually used. If you spend $200 to get a cheap tablet and hate using it, it will end up being a drawer liner.

    • Joshua D.

      So your saying Price is everything? Funny because my Nexus 7 2013 which is now selling on ebay for $160 and brand new on google play for $229. It runs faster and smoother than my wife’s ipad mini which lags like crazy and has pixels everywhere vs the N7 that has a 323 ppi 1080p screen, I get instant updates and have now issues. Apple’s tablets are overpriced plain and simple especially for a grid of icons, and the whole buying into a ecosystem is a lame excuse when google offers a ecosystem that is not only better all around but universal.

      • Michael Scarborough

        If you paid $160 for a tablet and love it, good for you! I’ve talked to many others who bought a cheap tablet and then were disappointed with the performance or the store they could buy apps from (limited number of apps, free versions with ads and no purchase option for an ad-free version, etc.) and then didn’t use it very much as a result. For many people price is everything. For others, price is only one factor in the purchasing decision.

    • NWSD

      ‘It doesn’t matter how many units are sold’? You think shareholders give a shit whether you use a device after you buy it?

      • San Diego Dave

        They give a big shit when you’re using that device to pay for apps (Apple takes 30% for every app sold), and when Google is paying Apple a hefty $1 billion for all the ad revenues they’re getting from iOS devices.

  • Joshua D.

    This is dumb and doesn’t take into account those who use apps instead of their browser for news and social networking

    I would say about 80% of this is mostly women doing online shopping and social networking.

    My wife hates using the facebook apps she prefers just using the browser. She has a ipad mini and note 3, since she got her note 3 she almost never uses her ipad mini, but when she did she was using safari 90% of the time to do everything she wanted. She almost never used an app. On her note 3 she uses her browser 1/2 the amount of what she did on the ipad mini.

    Truth of the matter is Women dominate the samrtphone market wether you want to believe it or not both for samsung and apple their biggest purchasers are women. You will almost always see a women either with a iphone or a Galaxy Note 2, 3 or Galaxy s4 or 5. Just look at Apple and Samsung’s ads both of them have mostly women.

    • San Diego Dave

      You could have stopped after the first sentence. The rest of your comment has nothing to do with this graph. No one is saying that more men use tablets than women, so I have no idea with whom you’re arguing here.

      • mahadragon

        That guy is clearly trolling. He has 2 posts on this thread and neither one of them say anything constructive. Just another Apple hater.