Mobile Home button controls Siri from afar, in a car


The Mobile Home is a one-thing-well kind of product. It connects to your iPhone via Bluetooth and lets you trigger Siri remotely. Which brings me to that excellent name – this is literally a mobile home button.

Why? Cars. The idea is that you can mount your iPhone up on the dash or wherever, and put the Mobile Home somewhere convenient, like on your steering wheel or up on the sun visor, using the included velcro pads or visor clip.

It’s a clever idea, I guess, but if you’re going to spend $79 (yes, $79) on a button to control Siri, why not just mount your iPhone on a sturdy dash or wheel mount and use the real home button? After all, the iPhone is pretty mobile already.

Source: Drive With Siri

  • lordofthefobs
  • Scott Landis

    I was driving into the office today and honestly thinking that someone should make this product, but I’m not paying $80 bucks for it.

  • timborama

    I bought one several months ago. Great idea, and worked for the first couple of weeks. Battery does not last very long in this device.

    • Beanco Tech

      Hello Timborama,

      Typical usage should yield 6 months of usage per battery on average. Kindly go to our website and enter a support ticket – we will be happy to exchange your device for another if the battery is depleted after several months. Understand sometimes it can be just the battery itself (for we do not manufacture them). Amazon also stocks a large quantity for fulfillment purposes. We cannot guarantee that they do perfect stock rotation so it’s technically possible the battery in the device you received has already been sitting on the shelf for a period of time. Regardless, customer satisfaction is our number one priority. Kindly submit a request and we will try our best to remedy your situation.

  • aaloo

    Kinivo BTC450 is much better. 40 bucks on amazon. Has a centre button for Siri, pause and play songs, has a built in mic, and has buttons for next and previous songs. I have mine mounted near my gear shaft. It’s much easier to control rather than reaching for my iphone mounted in front.

  • Beanco Tech

    We want to sincerely thank Charlie for the review of our product. Every comment made has merit. Kindly allow us to clarify several points in the review / comments.

    1. Mobile Home’s lack of a mic and speaker is by design. Mobile Home was designed for vehicles WITH in-car hands-free capabilities already. Vehicles with hands-free already would have in-car mic and speakers. People who have spent hundreds of dollars on that in-car option wants to make use of that investment. Doubt they will want to use a $40 aftermarket device’s (e.g. Kinivo) mic and tiny speaker when they should be using the in-car mic / speaker system. Remember, the iPhone’s output can only be directed to 1 target (either the in-car bluetooth system’s mic/speakers or the aftermarket device mic/speaker). That is why Mobile Home does not contain a mic / speaker.

    2. The mounting clip can be used on the sun visor or in most cases, the door’s side pocket. The side pocket is a popular placement because it can be reached without the arm being in the field of vision. Mobile Home was designed with safety in mind. The Satechi device’s home button is super small. Try to hit that while driving (not recommended). Moreover, the device would slide all over the place. Mobile Home was created specifically for the automobile: Button has been optimized for ease of operation without looking at the device; Flexible mounting options to minimize fumbling around for the device; Automotive grade components – try leaving the Satechi remote out in a car during the summer in Arizona.

    3. With 20+ states already having laws / regulations which fines drivers for using or operating their mobile phone while driving – pressing the button on the iPhone is technically speaking a potential violation of those statutes. How much is a ticket in your state, county, or city?

    In short, Mobile Home was designed to be a niche product. It’s directly aimed at people with cars which already has in-car bluetooth hands-free capability. Most of those systems can only make phone calls or send fixed text messages. Siri is every dynamic. Having access to Siri THRU the existing in-car mic/speaker offers a seamless experience for the user of those in-car systems. Instead of pressing the steering wheel button, they press the Mobile Home button for a different set of features. If the vehicle does NOT have any hands-free capability, Mobile Home is not the right product. There are many other products out there with integrated mic/speaker which would be a perfect fit.