iPad Thief’s Foolish Selfie Gets Him Busted


The popularity of selfies made them the Oxford Dictionary's
Note: this isn't an image of the thief in question.

Police in Milan busted an iPad thief who used the device to take photos of himself, apparently unaware that the images could be accessed remotely.

The device was swiped from its 52-year-old owner during a family vacation in Venice last March. When the owner later spotted photos of the suspect on iCloud, he turned the evidence over to police.

They identified the culprit as “renowned local thief” Luigi G. They arrested him for possession of stolen property and returned the iPad to its owner.

Theft of Apple devices has increased in recent years. A report from November suggested that the theft of iOS devices has driven San Francisco crime to its highest level in five years.

According to police, muggings and robberies spike whenever a new device is introduced.

Source: ANSA

  • johnMccain

    what an idiot

  • Criminals are not known for their intelligence. If they did, they’d probably never enter a life of crime in the first place, because most criminals do get caught and spend time in jail. Criminals have a very bad sense of future consequences. They don’t think ahead of what might occur from their actions. If you do the crime, you’ll most likely get caught and be in trouble with the law, the court system and the penal system. It’s much easier and less hassle to get a job and live a non-criminal life.

  • Kr00

    Crooks are the lowest forms of life and have the lowest of IQ’s. This only confirms it.