Bike Assault Is A High-Speed Heist For High-Scores [Video Review]



It’s easy to get a thrill from the action portrayed in the movies. While these characters perform bank heists and other risky situations, these are all far from being like our average days. When the office isn’t giving you a rush, the new app Bike Assault is perfect for you. Tilt your way through traffic shooting an armored truck, and catching as much money as possible, without crashing. Just how much loot will you be able to pick up?

Take a look at the video and see what you think.

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One response to “Bike Assault Is A High-Speed Heist For High-Scores [Video Review]”

  1. Googol Lien says:

    I dare to bet you with 1 dollar, this ‘PIXEL OUTRUN – Revenge Time’ is more exciting and funny than the ‘Bike Assault’:

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