Did Apple Maps Just Prove The Existence Of The Loch Ness Monster?



First unveiled in iOS 6, Apple Maps has been known to distort reality before, but can it conjure a mythical prehistoric beast from the waters of Loch Ness?

Cryptozoologists are saying yes. They are claiming that Apple Maps has finally located the elusive Loch Ness Monster!

According to experts at the Official Loch Ness Monster Fan Club, the above image shoes the Loch Ness Monster swimming beneath the waves of the famous Scottish lake. He was spotted using Apple Maps satellit view, has two massive flippers, and may be as big as 100-feet long.


But not everyone is convinced by such seemingly incontrovertible evidence. Many no-fun naysayers are claiming that what Apple Maps has actually spotted is the residual wake of a speedboat. And even Loch Ness Monster Fan Club president Gary Campbell acknowledges it’s a possibility, but rejects it.

“Whatever this is, it is under the water and heading south, so unless there have been secret submarine trials going on in the loch, the size of the object would make it likely to be Nessie.”

Apple Maps has been known to show a lot of things that aren’t really there. It appears you can add Nessie to that ignoble list.

Source: Daily Mail

  • mrmaccat

    “an object is what it is to the degree that it participates in the idea of itself ” Plato

    Nessies no monster! she hasn’t eaten a single Scotsman!

  • Alex Murphy

    The longitude and latitude is 57.399363,-4.340724 for anyone that wants to check it out for themselves :)

  • Alex Davis
  • tonyadams66

    Its just boat and waves. Proof: imgur.com/ZIP2XXp.gif

  • If its from a “speedboat” then where is the boat? I dont buy that BS at all. Whatever it is, its NOT from any boat as the wake would be even and not in a complex pattern like this, as well the wake would not have finite edges as this does. It’s still April is it not?

  • digitaldumdum

    “Did Apple Maps Just Prove The Existence Of The Loch Ness Monster?


    • Habib Alamin

      Betteridge’s Law of Headlines

  • US_Citizen71
  • maestro72x

    its a big catfish.. nothing to see here…

  • elmo_fud

    Sorry folks,this one has been debunked on another site: Metabunk.org.(http://tinyurl.com/knlc589). They’ve even been able to match the wake pattern to a specific vessel, the Jacobite Queen, a tour boat that runs up and down the lake. If you look closely you can see the ship in the center of the area of interest. In all likelihood the transparency is a result of overlapping image that were stitched together. If you’ve ever played around boats it’s very obvious that the wake pattern is from a big, fat, boat moving relatively slowly (displacement hull or a planing hull near headway speed).

  • ardhya

    Eh…….it looks like a Big Whale to me!

    • Ellelong

      A whale in a lake?

      • Anthony

        A fresh-water whale is less difficult to believe than a Plesiosaur that somehow survived for millions of years.

      • Kristin J

        Said Pleaioaur could be the descendant of many as they lay eggs. Anything is possible, Nessie has finally been proven is all.

  • Hershey Maxwell Barber

    It takes some balls to be labeled as the president of the Loch Ness Monster Fan Club

  • Joseph Pianta

    looks like a boat caught in a over head shot to me. water pushes aside out front and a wake to the sides
    Its like timed shots in the early days of photography if its not still for a while its not there.

  • DaftKitteh
  • Vampgl

    If you look at the current map you can see a boat that is creating a wake in the exact same shape. From the rounded top, the large “flippers” to the line coming out the back. Just in the canal between Loch Ness and Loch Dochfour.

  • Mark Berry
  • According to this,http://www.neobytesolutions.com/apple-maps-memes/ the picture may be in Bali. Or Poland. It’s Apple Maps, people! P.S. It’s a boat.