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PDFpen Scan+ Does Searchable PDFs Better Than Ever



Gone are the days when simply taking a photo of a document was enough. Today, if you care enough to scan or photograph a piece of text, chances are you’re also going to want to edit it.

This is where a tool like Smile’s popular PDFpen Scan+ app comes in — which has just been updated for iOS 7.

PDDpen Scan+ differs from rival apps like Scanbot by performing optical character recognition (OCR) to create creating fully-searchable PDFs. The app’s latest update — Version 1.3 — adds an enhanced user interface, new paper sizes for scanned documents, the ability to preview OCR text as page overlays, and many more new features.

Since using your iOS device camera is almost always easier than using a scanner, it’s a valuable tool — and the additions make it even better.

A full list of improvements can be seen below:

• Updated for iOS 7, which is now required
• Enhanced user interface and usability
• Adds “Receipt” and “Custom” paper sizes
• Preview OCR text as page overlay
• New scan cropping features improve precision and ease of use
• Effortless multi-page scans
• Improved OCR accuracy and OCR text layout
• New page rotation animations
• Post-process cropping and image adjustments for smoother workflow
• New page badges show unprocessed images

Unfortunately still missing is an auto-upload feature for cloud services such as Dropbox and Google Drive.

While PDFpen Scan+ does allow you to export your scanned documents to a range of different services, this process can’t currently be carried out automatically. Hopefully that feature will be added in future updates.

PDFpen Scan+ can be downloaded now for $4.99 from the the App Store. It’s optimized for all iOS devices running iOS 7.0 and above.

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