Samsung Color-Codes Its New SD Card Lineup


Samsung has redesigned its SD and microSD cards with color coding that makes it easier to spot the difference between product lines – regular, Pro and Evo. Unfortunately, this is the wrong way to color-code cards.

Let’s consider two scenarios. In the first, you’re buying microSD cards in a store. You check them carefully, noting speed, capacity and maybe some other specs. Here, color coding is really pointless, as you have time, and you’re unlikely to buy a card based just on the color, right?

The second scenario has you quickly switching cards. If you’re a normal person, you probably have a stack of cards from the same product line. All my SD cards are SanDisk Extreme Pro cards, for example. In this case, you might want to quickly differentiate between a 4GB card and a 64GB card, the difference being quite important. Color coding would be pretty great here, right?

So, as usual with Samsung, the product is half thought out. These cards probably work just fine though – Samsung makes a ton of memory and storage after all.

Available everywere that boring black Samsung SD cards are currently sold, and soon.

Via: Fstoppers