Dropbox Announces Mailbox For Mac To Fix Your Inbox Woes



At an event today in San Francisco, Dropbox made several announcements about Mailbox, the popular email app for iOS that it bought a little over a year ago. Things have been busy around Dropbox since then, because Mailbox is coming to not one, but two new platforms.

Mailbox for Mac was unveiled today alongside an Android app, the latter of which is out now in Google Play. But that’s not what we’re really interested in. What’s important is that Mac users can now sign up to get access to the private beta of Mailbox on the desktop. There are some new Mailbox features that should also get you excited.

Auto-swipe in action on the iPhone (screenshot courtesy of The Verge)
Auto-swipe in action on the iPhone (screenshot courtesy of The Verge)

Coming to all Mailbox apps is a new feature called Auto-swipe. Think of it like a more intuitive, native version of Gmail’s filters. It learns what message threads you do and don’t want to archive, and acts accordingly for you. Parameters are created based on your behavior in Mailbox, and you can see the rules you’ve created in the app’s settings.

Auto-swipe looks like an extension of Mailbox’s hallmark Snooze feature, the task-oriented system of saving certain emails for later. Mailbox is designed to reduce the unnecessary clutter in your inbox and get you down to Inbox Zero.

According to The Verge, a feature in Mailbox for Mac is the ability to snooze an email on mobile to have it open when you get back to your desktop. That’s awesome for when you’re out and don’t want to deal with work emails until you’re back in the office.

No word yet on when the Mac beta of Mailbox will begin, but you can sign up to learn more on the app’s website.

Source: Mailbox