SITU Is A Smart Food Scale That Talks To Your iPad [Kickstarter]



Today marks the launch of an intriguing new Kickstarter project.

Created by former Apple employee Michael Grothaus, SITU is a simple, attractive Bluetooth food scale which talks to your iPad. By showing you the exact nutrition content of any food you place on it, SITU lets people see the exact calories, sugar, salt, protein, vitamins and minerals of any food they’re about to eat, based on that food’s weight.

SITU is described as a learning tool for calorie counters, diabetics, hypertensives, athletes, and anyone who wants to lead a healthier life. Michael claims to have lost 60 pounds in six months using SITU, but notes that the device is equally good for those who wish to slim down, bulk up, reduce their bad nutrition intake, or simply eat more of the good stuff.

The Kickstarter campaign aims to raise £35,000 ( $58K), and as of today is offering the SITU for an introductory Kickstarter price of £50.00 ($83) ahead of its launch later this year.

Anyone who wants to get involved can check out more information at the link below.

Source: Kickstarter