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Microsoft Updates OneNote To Match iOS7-Friendly Office Suite


Along with the new Office Suite that launched on the iPad yesterday, Microsoft has updated its OneNote app to look like a proper iOS 7 app. OneNote is Microsoft’s Evernote competitor, and now it looks better than ever,

OneNote for iPad now sports the clean lines of the other Office for iPad apps. It’s kind of iOS7-meets-metro, and I like it (apart from all the purple chrome). What I don’t like is the terrible OneDrive that it uses. Ever since OneNote for the Mac launched a week or two back, OneDrive access has been almost impossible for me, with timeouts and crazy-long waiting times. Hell, I haven’t yet managed to even log in with the Mac version of One Note, and I’ve been retrying every couple of days.

[Update Mar 28 2014 I deleted and reinstall OneNote from the Mac App Store and I could finally sign in. The sync speed is still a bad joke though.]

Contrast this with Evernote, which is getting better and faster all the time, and Dropbox, which just works. I’ve even had the same trouble with the new iPad Office suite, which spends a minute or so “connecting” every time I want to open a document.

Still, it only took Microsoft four years to make the apps for iOS, so I guess the developers didn’t have time to do it properly.

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