Apple’s Next iPad Smart Cover Could Feature A Surface-Style Keyboard [Patent]



Apple’s possible plans for an iPad smart cover reminiscent of Microsoft’s Surface were revealed in a patent application published Thursday. The design differs from Microsoft’s iPad competitor in that Apple’s keyboard would double as a Multi-Touch gesture keyboard, eliminating the need for a touchpad.

Drawings filed with the patent show how it would be possible to use the iPad cover in various configurations. Several hinges allow the iPad smart cover to fold away with the tablet and keyboard, while the cover would feature magnets to lock its various components in place. In one embodiment of the patent, Apple suggests that electromagnets could be used.

Apple's smart iPad cover would use magnets to lock closed.
Apple’s smart iPad cover could use electromagnets to lock in place.

The keyboard, meanwhile, would communicate wirelessly with the iPad. Gestures could be carried out using a transparent or semitransparent touch-sensitive panel. In one proposed version of the patent, the keyboard could be virtual, with the touch interface taking place on a completely smooth surface.

Apple’s “Cover For Electronic Device” patent application was filed Sept. 21, 2012. It names John Elias, one the engineers for the touch technology behind the original iPhone, as its inventor.

Source: U.S. Patents & Trademark Office

  • Adrayven

    Because that worked so well for Microsoft Surface. Now, that might be the iPad Pro (12″) that is really an Macbook Air, thats really a….. uggg.

  • philips9179

    I’ve never understood the surface or why apple would want to design an ipad with a detachable keyboard, it would just pee me off every time thinking where I’ve left the damn keyboard. Why don’t they make the keyboard slide out from the back of the ipad, and with the keyboard fully deployed, then the ipad screen could tilt, with a flap at the back that could come out at the back of the screen (a la surface) to add extra stability

    For a working model of this google: Nokia e7 (used to have one of these brilliant little phones back in the day)

  • Grey

    Stop it already with the fucking animated gifs.

  • Could, would, could, would…

    Speculation, as so many articles lately. Apparently there is no real news…