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Wello Health-Monitoring Case, Like A Tricorder For Your iPhone


Wello is an iPhone case that costs $200, and monitors your vital signs like a pocket Dr. McCoy. Why would you buy such a thing? Science, bitches! Also, Stanley Kubrick stars in the promo video.

No, that’s not really Kubrick, but Kubrick beard-a-like Adam Lisagor aka Lonely Sandwich, and his promo video is as good as ever. Back to the case. The Wello really is like McCoy’s Tricorder. Monitoring around 20 of your vital signs, it records them into a companion app (the case connects via Bluetooth so you can still use it when the shape of the iPhone changes). And all this is done just by holding it in your hands.

Here are a few of the things it measures:

  • Heart rate

  • Blood oxygen levels

  • Blood pressure

  • Temperature

  • Electrocardiography (ECG)

  • Respiration

  • Lung capacity and air flow

This last is done by huffing into a special tube attachment that plugs into the case. And if you already use health and fitness tracking apps, the Wello app will pull in their data, too.

This is really the future, like something out of a Philip Dick story. Why shouldn’t we keep a close eye on our own health? IT won’t replace a doctor – yet – but it could catch trouble early and generally help keep you calm and informed about what’s going on inside that meat sack you call a body.

I’m in. When it launches anyway – currently the Wello case is up for pre-order only. Welcome to the future, where Stanley Kubrick can be brought back to life to tell you about taking care of your own life.

Source: Azoi