Kanye West Tells Tim Cook To ‘Quit Trying To Act Like You’re Dumb’ [Video]


(Credit: Steven Klein/Interview magazine)
(Credit: Steven Klein/Interview magazine)

Successor to Steve Jobs, BFF of Steve Wozniak, and all-around “creative genius” Kanye West had some harsh words for Tim Cook over the weekend.

Speaking/singing on stage at a Saturday night show in Newark, NJ, West blasted the Apple CEO for allegedly asking him to perform for free at an Apple event.

”Hey, Tim Cook, the Head of Apple, stop trying to get performers to play your festivals for free. You are rich as fuck. Quit trying to act like you’re so dumb.”

(Reports that he wished that Jony Ive would also hurry up with his damn croissants were unsubstantiated at time of writing.)

For anyone who wants Kanye’s see the whole twenty-minute monologue/rant — which touches on everything from the 2014 Grammys, to apparent duplicity on the part of Rolling Stone magazine, to the aforementioned Apple criticism — it can be checked out below.

Source: Consequences of Sound

  • Calactus

    OMG! Apple shares are gonna drop again…

    • doc12345

      If anything, Google shares are going to drop with Kanye on board.

  • bIg hIlL

    Maybe he thinks Kim Kardashian would be a better Apple CEO.

  • Guantaco

    Maybe he thinks he’s bigger than apple. He’s a lyrical genius, idiot.

  • Joff

    Who is he again?. And what purpose does he serve besides being a jerk

  • Georgi Georgiev

    dumb dumb.

  • Dave

    So, Kanye doesn’t want to be promoted by the #1 online music store, run by the #1 domestic producer of portable music devices? He doesn’t want to be promoted to fans of a company that have been proven in studies to spend more, on average, on ‘frivilous’ purchases than users of other rival computing devices?

    Apple should pay him to promote the sale of his own damn music, that sounds reasonable… only in Kanye West’s head, anyway.

    • jalabi

      As Jared Gonzales said above, a multi-billion dollar corporation can well afford to pay artists for their time, whether those artists are a bunch of wet-behind-the-ears kids or are multi-platinum multi-Grammy Award-winning stars like Kanye West. Strip away all the chaff around Mr. West’s “rant” and that is the core of what he was saying.

      All those people saying that Kanye should be “grateful” for Apple to promote his stuff really don’t understand business…and would probably be the first ones to condemn someone for using an Apple MacBook on a commercial (with covering up the Apple logo first) and then not paying Apple for the “promotion”.

  • PeterPatrick

    Kanye is trash. Where’s the petition to have him deported?

  • Lizmay

    Inflated ego + no talent = big mouth.

  • Guest


  • lucascott

    Or you now Kanye, you could stop acting like you are so smart or awesome.

    If you don’t want to do the show for free, say no.

  • joe

    you people are crazy! kanye has no talent? he’s only one of the best producers in all of music today. He’s only one of the biggest selling artiest in all of music today. he’s trying to say he’s not going to let these corporations that are bigger then him control him and dictate what he dose. “you can’t stop my voice” he’s saying he is in control of what he says and dose. They can’t make him do any thing, and that they can’t stop his voice from getting to the people. why are you defending tim cook? the ceo of apple who has a 400 million dollar net worth. kanye has about 110 million so that makes tim cook 4times richer then kanye. so why would kanye and other artiest who don’t even come close to his net worth perform at his festivals for free and make tim cook millions while they make nothing ? why would you defend mark parker? who made the yeezys so limited that they sell out in 10mins so no one can have them unless you’re literally willing to pay $4,000(no thats not a typo) for them on ebay? thats why he switched to adidas so more people can have his shoes. so before you call kanye “talentless” or “jerk” why don’t people actually take some time out to find out what he’s trying to say before talking shit about him. in reality you people are the “jerks” cause you have nothing better to do but sit around and disrespect kanye.

    • mcdonald’s sells a lot of burgers, too, but that doesn’t make them very good. certainly not as good as my local burger bar’s. kayne west = mcdonald’s of music.

      • doc12345

        Kanye induces more vomiting than the worst McDonald’s meals.

      • Yes, but Kanye West is also easily the most critically praised artist today. Just check Metacritic if you don’t believe me. And the vast majority of his peers also consider him to be a huge musical talent, including guys like Paul McCartney, Bruce Springsteen, Lou Reed, etc.

        So if McDonalds was the most popular burger place, but was also #1 on every food critic’s list of best burgers and also every important chef in America heaped praises on McDonalds, THEN Kanye West would = McDonalds.

  • doc12345

    Kanye = No-talent douchebag.

  • Rhys Eunson

    Kanye West the next Steve Jobs?

    Steve had more class in his ass than that talentless fool will ever have.

  • Emily

    Kanye who?

  • Granchingon

    Effin’ narcissist!!!

  • NapMan

    Super Bowl halftime performers don’t get paid either. From what I can find performers at the Grammy Awards shows don’t get paid either. It’s pretty much common sense that the exposure alone is worth it.

    • Jared Gonzales

      Both of those things are televised and are apart of the 10 most watched spectacles on television every year. A music festival requires performers to work a full set in front of attendees who have purchased tickets that are easily $100+ . Of course it wouldn’t kill Kanye’s bank account to do a little philanthropic work, but what about the smaller artists or bands that tour for their paycheck and rely on that money. Surely they deserve to get paid for their work. Playing a huge festival would obviously give them some good exposure, but playing that for free is nothing compared to the publicity generated, and the doors that it would open, if they were given the opportunity to perform at the grammys or during the super bowl half time show. (Also, I’m pretty sure that super bowl performers get paid through endorsement deals made with whatever company is sponsoring the half time show)

      • NapMan

        If I’m not mistaken admission to the the iTunes Music Festival is free but tickets are only available via a raffle system. It is broadcast worldwide via iTunes, iPhones/iPads and the Apple TV for free.

        Edit: http://www.cultofmac.com/230144/want-to-attend-the-itunes-festival-in-september-good-luck-getting-tickets/

      • Dave

        And the iTunes festivals are streamed and downloaded to millions of devices worldwide – on iPods, Apple TVs, iPhones, iPads, Macs, and PCs – by music lovers everywhere. And Apple doesn’t charge admission for these festivals. Steve Jobs set up the iTunes festival because he truly loved music – sure, it promotes iTunes and Apple, but it also promotes music. Steve wanted music everywhere, that’s why he named his company from inspiration from the Beatles’ record company, that’s why the Mac was the first computing platform to truly support audio editing, and that’s why he pushed the iPod out as the first non-Mac product they released after he came back to Apple. Could Tim & Apple afford to pay artists to perform? Sure. Should they? Debatable. Just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should. If everyone’s truly doing it for the love of the music, they should do it for that reason. It actually costs Apple money to do the festivals, between extra staff needed to host performances and bandwidth costs, as it is. Kanye has crossed the line from someone that’s in it to entertain fans to someone that’s in it for the money, and that’s painfully obvious by his comments here.

      • Jared Gonzales

        “Could Tim & Apple afford to pay artists to perform? Sure. Should they? Debatable. Just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should. If everyone’s truly doing it for the love of the music, they should do it for that reason. It actually costs Apple money to do the festivals, between extra staff needed to host performances and bandwidth costs, as it is.”

        But not ALL bands are Kanye and in his position of wealth. As a working musician, I find your “should they pay the artists” comment quite offensive and I’m (hopefully) sure you didn’t mean it as such. Bands already have a hard enough time as it is to earn a living and make money, to say that they should do it for the publicity or “for the love of the music” is just another way of telling a musician that they should go, “fuck themselves”. Really.

        Right now a band has to get SEVERAL HUNDRED THOUSAND plays on a streaming service just to get a paycheck that is LESS THAN $20, and then that money is divided between how many people are in your band.

        These festivals also cost the band gas money to drive out there, food, lodging, etc. Even if a band plays a huge festival, that doesn’t mean they are a huge touring act and they will go back to playing regular sized gigs at venues that accommodate a couple hundred people, then they’re back on the road, sleeping in their van until they’re off tour and have to go back to working their part time job to pay rent (and live a life) in their downtime. It’s not easy to be a relevant touring band, and for some, touring can be the straw that breaks the camel’s back. Like I said, just because you are offered a gig to play a huge festival, doesn’t make a you a huge band. Some of these gigs on the road may bring in only 30 people, and that can be hugely discouraging when you work night after night and are on the road 12 hours a day just so you can make it to the next gig on time, only to hop in the van right after the show to drive all night to your next show, sleeping upright in a van with 4 or 5 other people, bags, and equipment.

        This isn’t some vacation where you get to live like famous rockstars, hook up with groupies, do drugs, trash a hotel, and then you’re off on a private plane to your next concert, it’s hard work and bands deserve every right to get paid for their hard work. Apple has the money and they should pay their artists whether it’s music, paint, print, photography, dance, or any other medium (even an egomaniac like Kanye).

  • BacchusPlateau

    Totally agree with Kanye on this.