Classic Tivoli Model Three Clock Radio Now With Bluetooth


Tivoli has long made great-looking, full-toned radios and speakers with a distinctly classic style, and the new Model Three doesn’t change any of that. But there’s one addition which is distinctly modern. The nine-year old design now comes with Bluetooth.

The Model three adds the wireless radio to the Aux section of the device: just turn the knob to the last position on the dial and you’re good to go. Or you can plug in anything via the aux cable, which is still on the back.

Otherwise, you can keep using the Model Three as an AM/FM clock radio to get you up in the morning or – with its sharp edges and 1,66-kg (3.66-pound) heft – to fend off home invasions that might come in the small hours of the night.

The Model Three comes in four beautiful color combos, but I picked my favorite to put in the picture up top – walnut/beige. £250/$416.

Source: Tivoli
Thanks: Murdo!