Musx, Like Instagram For Music


Musx is like Instagram for music. Post tracks you like, add a few words and your followers can check out the same tunes. Why the hell didn’t anyone think of this before?

You sign in with Twitter or Facebook, which instantly gives you a head start on your friend list. Then you just follow along, and add anything that takes your fancy to your queue, or use the app to make playlists.

The source for music is YouTube, and the app actually shows a tiny thumbnail in the mini player at the bottom of your iPhone screen. And this is both the strength and weakness of the app: YouTube has pretty much every song known to man, but unless you’re a teenager it’s not where you hang out to find music. Thus, to share a track you’ll have to search for it first, inside Musx.

What it really needs is integration with Spotify, or Rdio, or even Last.FM. That way you could easily share a track as you’re listening to it. Right now Musx is just another ghetto – you can’t even paste in a share link from another app.

Still, it’s free, and once some of my Twitter friends start using it, then it might even be useful. This is probably one to watch.

Source: Musx

  • renatomitra

    There’s allready a App like this. It’s called “Soundtracking”.


    Not really sure if this is that distant from Spotify where I can see my friends streams, or share tracks with them directly or share them on twitter or fb…. but maybe I’m off.