Weekend Read: View Screenplays On Your iPhone Screen


Weekend Read is a way to squeeze old-fashioned movie manuscripts onto the iPhone’s little screen so you can read them on the go. If you’re a professional script reader – or even a script writer – you’re going to love it.

I once spent a few days staying with friends, and we all worked by day and drank heavily by night. One of use was a script reader, and he’d sit there in front of his netbook (it was a few years ago) with an absurdly big battery attached and hammer at the spacebar. And wherever we went, he’d bring that netbook.

Now, he could use his iPhone instead, thanks to Weekend Read. The app takes a standard screenplay PDF with its wide-spaced Courier typeface and 8.5×11-inch pages and reformats them for the smaller iPhone screen, reflowing text and even letting you switch fonts. It still looks like a screenplay (i.e. as if it were typed in a typewriter), only now it’s smaller, and you can power through movies and TV pilots on the small screen.

It imports from Dropbox or a URL, it reads Final Draft, PDF, Markdown, Fountain and text files, lets you search and even does character highlighting to see “all of a character’s dialogue at a glance.”

And it’s free. For up to four documents at least, so you can try it before you unlock it with a $10 in-app purchase.

Or you could buy a netbook.

Source: Quote Unquote