Apple’s Radical New File System May One Day Replace The Mac’s Finder [Patent]



A new Apple patent describes an invention that may one day replace the Mac’s Finder.

Referring to a method for classifying documents in such a way as to allow for a multi-dimensional graphical representation of their contents, the patent would move away from the way information is currently structured toward a “graphical multidimensional file management system and method” that would be far more intuitive than the system used today.

The patent summary refers to:

“A non-transitory computer-readable storage medium tangibly storing computer-readable code thereon that provides, when executed by a computer, a method for displaying a plurality of information elements on a display is hereby provided, the method comprising displaying a plurality of juxtaposed information elements defining a first axis thereof, selecting one information element from the plurality of displayed information elements, and displaying a plurality of user-selectable elements related to the selected information element, some of the plurality of user-selectable elements being substantially vertically disposed in respect of one another substantially defining a second axis thereof, the second axis being disposed at an angle in respect with the first axis. A method providing same is also hereby provided.”

What is interesting about the application is the wide range of possible interfaces that it is discussed in conjunction with — including the video game console shown in the picture (note: the controller is generic). Other future display devices, the patent notes, may include “E-paper, rolled screen and other display devices such as direct retina projection, direct brain stimulation means, and means for 3D representation are also considered as appropriate display devices.”

A version of the Finder controllable by brain stimulation?

Tell us that bit about Apple not innovating any more, again…

Source: U.S. Patent & Trademark Office