Clever Mac Pro Security Lock Traps Power Cable


To be honest, you could probably leave your new Mac Pro on the floor next to your desk and any office burglars would just mistake it for a rather small trash can. But if you want a little more security, you might consider adding something Apple didn’t provide for: a Kensington-style lock. A new security bracket from MacLocks features a design as clever as that of the computer it protects.

The security bracket is split into two sections, both fitted to the Mac Pro when its outer cover is removed. Re-fitting the cover locks them in place, but the two halves – which cover the power socket at the bottom of the I/O panel – can still move.

These halves slide open like steel curtains to let you plug in and remove the power plug, and then slide shut, letting only the cable itself escape through a small hole. Two handles on the curtains can then be locked together using a Kensington-style lock, or you could just loop a proper padlock and chain through the holes.

It’s simple and clever, much like the security lock on the previous-gen Mac Pro.

The price is $90, and you can buy one right now.

Source: MacLocks
Thanks: Judah!