Red Bull TV Ramps Onto Apple TV Lineup



Apple TV got an extra shot of adrenaline this morning with the addition of Red Bull TV to the device’s channel listings.

As the first branded-content channel to be added to Apple TV, the channel  offers viewers action-sports videos produced by energy-drink maker, along with live programming, films, shows and other clips that are available on the Red Bull TV website and iPhone app.

All the content is free, doesn’t include ads – except for lavish overuse of the Red Bull logo everywhere – and comes right as Red Bull TV is looking to expand its coverage to include third-party events on the World Snowboard Tour such as Burton European and the U.S. Open. Red Bull’s lineup also includes on-demand HD.

The channel features Air Racing, wakeboarding, wakeskating, skateboaring, surfing, mountain biking, skiing, and even b-boy dance battles. And if you can’t figure out which adrenaline fueled videos you want to watch, the channel includes a number of playlists so you can have skydiving mayhem playing in the background all day.