Mail Pilot Turns Your Mac Mailbox Into An Intuitive To-Do List


An iOS version has been available since last year, but today sees the official launch of popular email client (and former Kickstarter project) Mail Pilot for Mac.

What makes Mail Pilot a bit different from your standard email is its task-oriented approach to email. Unless you’re the kind of person who uses email like the physical postal system of the 1700s, it’s more than likely that your messages include a few more categories than straightforward correspondences to be answered at your leisure.

Mail Pilot essentially turns your Mac inbox into a to-do list, with users given the opportunity to toggle statuses between “Incomplete” and “Complete” (doing an end to the grossly inefficient “mark as unread” strategy), as well as to to set reminders for time-sensitive emails such as business messages or bills.

Mail Pilot developers Mindsense are currently offering a limited time introductory price of $9.99 for the app.

Source: iTunes