Youtopia: Never Pay Attention To A YouTube Video Again




Youtopia is a new YouTube app for the iPhone, from serial entrepreneur and friend of Cult of Mac Dotan Saguy. It lets you browse for more videos even as the current video is playing on your tiny iPhone screen.

The app is clearly built with ADD teens in mind. You know how cocaine users never really listen to you, but only wait impatiently until there’s a gap in your sentence big enough for them to squeeze in whatever selfish crap they’ve been lining up in their mind? That’s how teenagers watch the YouTube. One of them will cue up a neat video and – as it plays – the rest of the monsters will search for the next clip to play.

Youtopia extends this solipsism to solo viewing, letting you search, filter, save and subscribe to channels, all as the unwatched video bleeds out your bandwidth in the background. The beautiful, flat, iOS–7-style background.

It’s like an app whose only purpose is to let you choose the background for the app.

I kid. Not about the teens though – they really are selfish monsters. I kid about the app, which looks to be as clever as Dotan’s other work, and could be useful for saving time when searching as it lets you preview a clip while you search for another – good for when you’re trying to track down the canonical version of Otters Holding Hands.

The only criticism I have (other than all those above) is that this should really be an iPad app, too.

Source: iTunes
Thanks: Dotan!

  • robogobo

    Writing tip: don’t site “cocaine users” as a common point of reference for your audience.