ClamCase Pro Turns Your iPad Mini Into An Unwieldy Netbook




If you thought that turning the iPad into a laptop by putting it in a case with a hinged keyboard on the bottom was ridiculous, then you’re going to love/hate the ClamCase Pro mini, which turns Apple’s littlest iPad into a tiny MacBook Air. Because why not right?

First, I’ll say I’ve avoided all iPad mini keyboard cases since I tried the originals from Logitech and other respected manufacturers at last year’s CES. The problem? Too damn small. What’s the point of typing on a teeny-tiny little physical keyboard when it offers exactly the same size problems as the tiny on-screen keyboard it replaces.

Better to carry a full-sized Bluetooth keyboard, and keep it in your bag for when you need it. My Logitech K811 weighs just 338 grams (11.9 ounces), which is less than many keyboard cases, and works perfectly with the iPad mini.

If you do opt for something like the ClamCase Pro for the iPad mini, then also consider that, even though it lets you use the iPad at any angle in landscape, and that it flips and folds around the back so you can use the iPad as God intended, doing so means that you are adding the size and weight of a keyboard to your iPad at all times. Which is silly for a full-sized iPad but crazy for the ultra-portable, lightweight mini.

Still not convinced? Fair enough. You can now order a ClamCase for your mini, and it’ll only cost you $130.

Source: ClamCase

  • SionFrench

    ClamCase claim ‘maximum protection’ for your iPad but do not provide any help when their
    tight fitting case and hinge cause the display to crack!

    I suggest before you deploy this case on your iPad be sure to have apple care
    cover to mitigate the cost of a cracked display replacement as it will be more
    expensive than the case that is supposed to provide ‘maximum protection’.

    Buyer beware, or be prepared.

  • I placed my order for a Clam Case Pro over 10 days ago with the company for an iPad Mini with Retina Display and did not receive a single communication about my order status. Upon contacting Clam Case, I was told my order would not be fulfilled until late April, nearly a month later from my order date. This is completely unacceptable as now I am forced to buy an interim case until my Clam Case Pro arrives. Buyer Beware, Clam Case’s Customer Service is non-existent and worthless.