The ClamBook Turns Your iPhone Or Android Smartphone Into A Beautiful MacBook Air Lookalike


The ClamBook it the prettiest notebook dock I've ever seen.

We’ve seen a handful of tablet cases — especially for the iPad — that aim to turn your slate into a MacBook Air lookalike. But the ClamBook  from ClamCase is the first solution we’ve seen that’s designed for the iPhone and Android smartphones, and it promises to “change the way you view smartphones.”

Built from sleek aluminum, the ClamBook is incredibly thin and light. It comes to life when you hook it up to your smartphone to see its content on the widescreen display, which is accompanied by a full-size QWERTY keyboard and a multitouch trackpad.

Clamcase Turns An iPad Into A Clunky Laptop Wannabe [Review]



Everyone seemed to be pretty excited about the Clamcase for the iPad, from Clamcase LLC. I was a bit puzzled by that after all the iPad is a tablet and a real laptop, like my MacBook Air, would be a better replacement for an iPad stuffed into a keyboard case.

Yet people wanted to be able to covert their iPad into a laptop and if you build it they will come right? Well build it they did and now you can have a Clamcase of your very own to turn your iPad into a clunky laptop wannabe.

Feast Your Eyes On The Clamcase for iPad [Unboxing]



The Clamcase an iPad case that promised to turn your iPad into a laptop earlier this year has finally arrived and it pretty much does what it says it will do. The company, Clamcase LLC, is finally shipping the device after a delay. It looked pretty awesome when I first heard about it, but I was a bit skeptical. So I asked the company to send me more information about it and they came through this week with a product sample.

I originally wrote a news post about this device in late December 2010 and then recently I noticed that several readers commented that they had not received their Clamcases yet even though they had been billed for them. I contacted the company and my advice to those readers is to contact Clamcase LLC to get a refund or to replace a missing shipment. The product is very real and the best case of this type I’ve seen so far.

The Clamcase gives a great first impression, but I’ll spend some time with it before you get to see my through review about it later this week.

In the meantime go ahead and feast your eyes on the Clamcase un-boxing pictures after the break.

Clamcase for iPad Finally Ships for 99 Clams



The Clamcase an iPad case that promised to turn your iPad into a laptop earlier this year is finally shipping. The company, Clamcase LLC, missed their Fall deadline for shipment by one day, but hey that isn’t a big deal. Right?

The keyboard portion of the case connects to the iPad via Bluetooth. It looks pretty awesome and I’ve asked the company to send me more information about it. It will be interesting to see if the product lives up to the hype you’ll see in the company’s product demonstration YouTube video.

The video presented a great proof-of-concept, but it left me wondering what reality will be like since the high-resolution press images weren’t available for download on the company’s press resources web page and most of the Clamcase images looked rendered versus photographed.

You can get the Clamcase, which retails for $149, for as low as $99 direct from the manufacturer for a limited time. If you order one of these let us know what you think about it after you receive it.

Check out the video after the read more link below.