Cordlupa Solves Your Cable-Tangling Problems In A Cinch [CES 2014]



Cult _of_Mac_CES_2014_80x80LAS VEGAS — Plenty of companies have come up with cable-tidying solutions for MacBooks but few let you tame the beast as easily as this miniaturized belt for your power adapter, the Cordlupa.

Even some of the tightest-wound power adapters will come undone after bouncing around in your bag for a few hours, so Cordlupa is designed to stay on your power adapter at all times to provide a fast and simple solution to tidy up your cables when you’re ready to travel or store the charger.

The leather loop keeps your cords from knotting and getting dirty in your bag. $25 gets you one loop in your color choice of black, brown, gray or whisky. If you want to go bonkers with your cable organization, you can splurge on This Is Ground’s new Cord Suite for 130 bucks, which also includes those delicious little cable tacos Charlie loves.